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Khamenei approved the attacks on Saudi refineries but requested that Iranian involvement be hidden, according to CBS

September 19, 2019


The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave his approval to the attacks launched on September 14 against refineries in Saudi Arabia but set the condition for them to be carried out in such a way that the Islamic Republic could later deny any implication, according to He has told CBS a US government official.

US government sources have said that the clearest evidence of the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the air strikes against Saudi refineries is in some photos captured by satellite and not yet revealed that show preparations for operations at the Iranian Air Base in Ahvaz, in the southwest of the Islamic Republic.

From that base, according to the sources consulted, the projectiles flew through Kuwait's airspace until they reached their targets on Saudi soil. The satellite images did not serve to stop the attacks since the United States did not realize its importance until they were reviewed after the bombings. “They caught us completely off guard,” said the US government official.

In this context, General Frank McKenzie, the highest US military command for the Middle East region, has asked permission to send three more anti-aircraft missile batteries to Saudi Arabia to contribute to the reinforcement of their air defenses.