Keys to Transforming Your Work Day

You no longer need hours in your day, there are a few techniques you need to learn to make the hours you have work optimally.

If you feel like your day is not paying off, work hard and You are not making headway on your important slopes and you feel frustrated because you are not “productive”. You can be sure: you are not the only one. Many employees, supervisors, and business owners feel dissatisfied with their work at the end of the day, and this has mainly to do with believing that “time is not enough”. In most cases, however, it doesn’t take a few extra hours a day, but rather some techniques to learn and master in order to make the most of the hours we already have.

Keys to Transforming Your Work Day
Keys to Transforming Your Work Day

In the book Essentialism (Ed. Aguilar, 2014), suggests Greg McKeown et al “Simplify” strategy whose purpose is not to do more in less time, but to do the right things. According to the author, the key to a successful and balanced personal and professional life is to distinguish what is absolutely necessary and eliminate what is not, that is, to focus on the things that really matter.

According to McKeown, these are some keys to making the most of your work day and life in general.

Eliminate noise

We’re not talking about isolating yourself from your surroundings with headphones (although this is also necessary from time to time): it’s about making simplicity your work style. Have you ever heard that less is more? The author of the book believes that the secret to having a productive day is not getting more things done in less time, but rather Know how to choose the tasks to perform. “The essential way is to learn to tell the difference, filter the options, and pick the ones that really matter,” he explains. Instead of dividing your time and energy into many activities, learn to invest them wisely. This task takes a lot of discipline, but trust us, it will be well worth the effort.

Learn to say “no”

How many times have you regretted making a commitment and asking, “Why did I say yes to that?” Starting today, before you agree on anything, ask yourself, “Given the time and resources I have, can I really fulfill this request?” “Is that the most important thing I should do with my time and resources now?” “”If you cannot answer with a resounding “yes”, please decline the requestExplains McKeown. Keep only the projects that are of importance and value to the company. Before long, those around you will begin to respect and appreciate your work like never before.

Don’t give in to the pressure

How many people you know are not overwhelmed by the pressures that surround them? The author knows this “painful situation” as “The Paradox of Success”. We tend to get things done not because we think they are necessary, but because we give in to environmental pressures. The solution? Don’t say yes just to please. In trying to make everyone happy, you are going to sacrifice what is most important. “If you don’t set priorities in your life, someone else will,” said the expert. Say no with firmness, determination, and grace.

Focus on solving your problems

Are you that person who has taken on the role of Guardian Angel and solves everyone else’s problems? They do double the damage. yourself and the person you think you are helping. When you take away other people’s problems, you take away their ability to solve them. Don’t let others use your time and energy to their advantage. Raise your fences so set your boundaries and distract people who are just wasting your time.

Do you estimate it will take 10 minutes? Look twice

Often times, people are overly optimistic about how long they think it will take to complete their activities. As a result, they are often late and live in a constant state of stress and guilt. “The planning error” is a term coined by Daniel Kahneman in 1979 and refers to people’s tendency to underestimate the time it takes to complete a task. Break this cycle once and for all. Not only does this relieve the stress of always being late, but it also allows you to better manage your time.

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