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Keys to attract happiness at work

March 15, 2020

Follow these tips to increase your motivation, decrease stress and, finally, improve the performance of your company.

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No matter how passionate your business is, stress , long hours, and worries can leave you feeling unhappy. “We spend too much time at work not being happy about it,” says Beth Thomas, author of Powered by Happy: How to Get and Stay Happy at Work .

Keys to attract happiness at workKeys to attract happiness at work

Being unhappy at work affects not only your sense of humor, but also your productivity . We share some tips to bring joy to your workplace and improve the performance of your company.

1. Think about the present

“Many of our negative thoughts arise from worrying about situations that may never occur,” says Thomas. Although entrepreneurs must have contingency plans, constantly thinking about the worst-case scenarios can stress your body and mind and leave you without resources that could be better used.

“The best way to deal with negative thoughts is to separate fiction from reality,” recommends the author. So the next time you have a negative thought, analyze the situation and ask yourself if you are reacting to something real or imagined.

2. Have positive thoughts

Turning negative thoughts into positive ones can help you change your mood and mindset. “Whenever you have a negative thought stop and think of a positive one,” says Thomas. Do this for a few weeks and you will soon notice that you are creating a new habit that will motivate happiness, not only at work but also in your daily life.

3. Help others

Whether it's engaging in philanthropic activities or helping your team improve their work, Thomas suggests that charity is the secret to happiness. “Happiness at work is not about what you achieve alone. It's not about what makes you look better, it's about making your whole team perform better, ”says Thomas.

Establishing a mentoring program where older members help new ones, or making your team part of a philanthropic or environmental activity like collecting clothes and toys or planting trees can improve the happiness of the entire office.

4. Take a break

Although many entrepreneurs are motivated by positive stress – the one that motivates us to work harder – it is important to recognize when your mind and body need a break. “Even if you like your job, stress can make you unhappy,” says Thomas.

5. Keep a thank you journal

Happiness does not come from having something you don't have, but from recognizing and appreciating what you do have. Write down five things you are thankful for every day before you start work, before you leave for the office, or at the end of the day. This will make your brain focus on positive thinking.

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