Keys to a Resilient Business According to 3 Latin “Sharks”

Patricia Armendáriz, Andrea Arnau and Kirén Miret from Shark Tank México y Colombia gave us their keys for the entrepreneurs who are facing 2021.

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Keys to a Resilient Business According to 3 Latin “Sharks”
Keys to a Resilient Business According to 3 Latin “Sharks”

This week the International day of women entrepreneurs and so Masters, the initiative of in Spanish to get closer to corporate executives and executives from around the world celebrated with the live panel Successful Latina Women: How to Run a Resilient Business.

This lecture, organized by the hand of Shark tank Mexico, three high-profile entrepreneurs took part, who gave us their perspective on the role of women in entrepreneurship and the next steps in the “New Normal”:

Patricia Armendariz: Founder and director of Financiera Sustentable, a popular finance company specializing in providing loans to micro-entrepreneurs with projects in favor of the environment and the base of the pyramid born in 2014. She is an investor in Shark tank Mexico.

Andrea Arnau: Colombian entrepreneur and investor CEO of CPT Investments, helping companies from different Tampaños to grow through the use of exponential technologies such as ArBficial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Big Data. It is Shark in the Shark tank Colombia.

Kirén Miret: Co-founder of Cromática Digital, a television content and digital platform production house, but her passion for entrepreneurship led her to think more and more about business ideas. Today she works as an executive producer of Shark tank Mexico Y. Shark tank Colombia.

We’re leaving this panel for you to see again!

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