Keiko Fujimori rejects the connection “hinted at” by Pedro Castillo to the Shining Path attack

The candidate for the presidency of Peru for the People’s Force, Keiko Fujimori, this Tuesday rejected her connection to the attack on the Shining Path terrorist group, in which 16 people were killed in a jungle region in the heart of Peru, “she hinted” by his opponent in the second round of the presidential election, the candidate of Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo.

At a campaign rally in the town of Nueva Cajamarca in the Peruvian region of San Martín, the right-wing candidate regretted that Castillo had made “a series of inappropriate comments” on the murder in bars in the town of San Miguel del Ene, in the Junín department in the region of the Valley of the Valley Rivers Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro (VRAEM).

“He seems to have no history and has suggested that fujimorism had something to do with these events,” criticized Fujimori, adding that “Fujimori defeated terrorism”.

Keiko Fujimori rejects the connection “hinted at” by Pedro Castillo to the Shining Path attack
Keiko Fujimori rejects the connection “hinted at” by Pedro Castillo to the Shining Path attack

The Fuerza Popular candidate has also stated that she believes it is Castillo who “needs to look at himself in the mirror” because he and his team are being warned that they are close to and connected to terrorism. “

“He has members of the Movadef (Movadef) movement, he has congressmen with trials related to the shining path, so please be a little more respectful,” he said, reports the Peruvian media. Administration’.

Keiko Fujimori has therefore referred to previous comments by Castillo on the event in the VRAEM, on which the applicant indicated that similar events took place in moments of political tension such as the 2011 and 2016 electoral processes.

“What happened in 2011, 2016, what happened in the Banco de la Nación with (Alejandro) Toledo, with Ollanta Humala – former Peruvian president – and why are they performing in political environments? Here things are clear,” he said of the candidate the left.

Likewise, he asked, “Why did this case arise?” To underline “precisely because Mr (Fernando) Rospigliosi – member of the Fuerza Popular technical team – said after the technical debate that such and such characters were nearby These things are going to work with us (with Peru Libre) and the next day these things come out. “

“The people are not stupid, they know the scenarios in which these things arise,” said Pedro Castillo in an intervention that his opponent in the upcoming elections saw as a “clue” in which he linked the attacks with popular violence.

On the other hand, the Administrative Council of the Congress of Peru this Tuesday condemned the events in the VRAEM and called for a “serious investigation” to clarify what happened and to punish those responsible “violently and without any kind of punishment” impunity or political Usage “, reports ‘El Comercio’.

He also stressed that the government must guarantee security to the people living in VRAEM who are affected by “narcoterrorism” in order to prevent these “terrorist events” from occurring.

“We call for the demands of the residents of VRAEM to be respected for protection from the increase in violence in their territory, which robs them of livelihoods and threatens their leaders,” added the Council of Congress.

So far, 14 of the 16 victims of the attack have been identified by the authorities responsible for the ongoing investigation. Four are minors and two bodies have not yet been identified. The attack took place in the city of San Miguel del Ene in a jungle region in the interior of Peru, which is about 250 kilometers east of Lima.

The attackers broke into two bars in the Cuchipampa region and the militiamen threatened those who support far-right candidate Keiko Fujimori in anticipation of the second round of the presidential election in Peru, scheduled for June 6.

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