Keiko Fujimori condemned “evidence of fraud” in the second round of the presidential election in Peru

Popular Force candidate for the Peruvian Presidency Keiko Fujimori this Monday denounced “signs of fraud at the table” in the second round of Peru’s presidential election, in which she faces Peru Libre candidate Pedro Castillo.

“We have found that there is a free Peruvian strategy to skew or delay the results that reflect the will of the people. And I am referring to the Protocol Objections Process, where most of these challenges are primarily trying to avoid that the minutes with the most votes will be counted for Fuerza Popular, ”he said in his first press conference after election day.

Fujimori emphasized that he wanted to “show all of this” with the “intention that the will of the people should not be diminished” and that “the vote of all Peruvians would finally be respected”.

Keiko Fujimori condemned “evidence of fraud” in the second round of the presidential election in Peru
Keiko Fujimori condemned “evidence of fraud” in the second round of the presidential election in Peru

For example, the Fuerza Popular candidate handed the microphone over to her training partner and candidate for the first vice-presidency, Luis Galarreta, so that, as he said, she would report “several of these signs of fraud at the table”, which he considered was “unacceptable” .

“This is planned and systematic and so it is important to warn the public so that they can give us additional warnings if there have been different types of events in each of the regions,” he said.

For his part, Galarreta has shown a video in which an alleged member of Peru Libre asks a group of people if if his party’s representatives arrive first, they would all be “the votes”. Likewise, the candidate for the second vice-presidency for Popular Force, Patricia Juárez, presented another alleged case, that of an alleged formation representative Pedro Castillo, who marked 87 cards with his party’s symbol.

Several of these cases were reported on election day, although Peru Libre denied that tagged ID cards found in a person’s possession were in favor of their candidate, reports the Peruvian media ‘La República’.

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported earlier this Monday that there are 265 records with contested votes, RPP Noticias collects.

For its part, Peru Libre responded through its Twitter profile to the statements in which it rejected them and reminded them that the formation “never committed electoral fraud, on the contrary, it was always a victim of it and despite what we knew” . how to face and win. “

Also in its press profile of the same social network, the formation criticized that Fujimori had “armed” this. “They are not changing Ms. Keiko Fujimori, nor did we know by signing the Bible that he would keep his word,” he added.

“It was fujimorism that carried out the fraud in 2000, carried out a coup d’état, administered the judicial authority and other institutions at will, and destabilized Peru out of Congress. Is something wrong with your fraud allegation? would respect the results, “wrote Castillo’s formation as well.


On the other hand, Keiko Fujimori expressed in the press conference that he is “optimistic” with the results. “As we know, a few minutes ago the difference between the two candidates was only 0.5 percent. That makes us very optimistic, ”he said.

The candidate of the Popular Force has pointed out that “the votes of compatriots abroad still have to be counted”.

With 94.67 percent of the vote, Castillo leads with 50.27 percent of the votes and Fujimori with 49.72 percent, according to the ONPE website.

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