Keiko Fujimori calls for the nullity of 200,000 votes due to “irregularities”

The candidate asks to review another “300,000 votes” of the contested protocol, saying that “500,000 votes are at stake”

Popular Force insists that Pedro Castillo’s party “systematically violated the electoral system”

Fuerza Popular candidate for the presidency of Peru, Keiko Fujimori, has filed nullity suits at 802 polling stations in which her formation has found “irregularities” representing around 200,000 votes that the candidate hopes will be “removed from the count.” become”. Final”.

Keiko Fujimori calls for the nullity of 200,000 votes due to “irregularities”
Keiko Fujimori calls for the nullity of 200,000 votes due to “irregularities”

Fujimori, accompanied by two lawyers, has appeared to report the presentation of these measures to the National Electoral Jury (JNE) that it would have to allow for those votes to be canceled, as the applicant trusts, while Castillo continues to question the 99 per hundred leads.

“We are also overseeing the challenge process, which is 1,200 minutes that we hope will be counted later in the JNE’s final count,” he said.

For example, the Fuerza Popular candidate said that if the 200,000 votes from the 802 tables in which cancellation requests were made are added to the 1,200 minutes analyzed by the JNE, which represent the 300,000 votes, “they are still in I500,000 Playing voices. “

“We believe it is important to analyze (the 500,000 votes) for the final count that the national electoral jury will have to do,” he added, according to ‘El Comercio’.

Regarding the annulment actions, Fuerza Popular’s lawyer and ex-congressman Miguel Torres has alleged that the formation discovered “a number of verified irregularities” which “make it clear” that “the Peru Libre party is systematically opposed to the electoral system”.

“Regardless of the results, we want to record the concrete facts that occurred in these elections,” he stressed, in order to investigate the fact that one of the “modalities” used to “break the will of the people” was the ” Forgery of signatures of board members ”.

Specifically, the attorney referred to 503 minutes at the national level, representing more than 125,000 votes, in which allegedly “the signatures do not match those on the RENIEC – National Registry of Identification and Civil DNI”.


On the other hand, Fujimori has assured that it will always “respectfully” deal with the decisions of the National Election Jury and the National Electoral Bureau, although it has insisted on waiting “prudently and calmly” and analyzing each of the inquiries. nullity and the proceedings carried out in the special juries.

“We applaud the JNE’s decision to openly deliberate the contested protocol, and today it became clear that there was also an intention to contest many of the protocols in which Fuerza Popular had a majority,” he said. repeated.

The complainant also added that the “defense” and “appeal” she makes in front of national and international public opinion is not due to her candidacy, but “from the respect for millions of Peruvians, which is only her vote respected “.

Fujimori denounced on Monday the “table fraud” of the Peru Libre party, its rival in the elections, Pedro Castillo, who was declared the winner on Tuesday.

During the candidate’s intervention, Castillo posted a message on his Twitter profile to urge him not to fall for the “provocations of those who want to see this country in chaos”. “Let us carry on firmly and happily in this final fight that belongs to all Peruvians,” he added.

Supporters of both Peruvian presidential candidates gathered on the streets this Wednesday, especially in the capital Lima, while tensions in the country are mounting due to the adjusted results and allegations of fraud.

The candidate on the left leads the election result with 50.2 percent of the votes counted, while the candidate on the right would lose with 49.7 percent, as the ONPE reflects in the results portal of the second ballot on June 6th.

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