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Keep your MiPyme connected to Facebook’s free version of Workplace and get moving

September 7, 2020

Strengthen the connections in your company with the new Facebook tool.

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Keep your MiPyme connected to Facebook’s free version of Workplace and get movingKeep your MiPyme connected to Facebook’s free version of Workplace and get moving

Working remotely is one of the biggest challenges micro, small and medium-sized businesses face today. For some companies, this has meant using different technologies such as video calling, instant messaging and internal communication channels with different services, applications or companies for the first time. Facebook offers a solution for these requirements and integrates them into Workplace.

It’s almost like knowing how to use Facebook but with your work colleagues, and it adapts reliably and stably to desktop computers and mobile devices. It is a communication tool that allows all members of a company to be connected remotely efficiently and in the same digital space, regardless of whether it is a fixed location or a mobile phone. This is the ideal service for MSMEs to maintain a fluid work dynamic that allows them to be competitive in the current circumstances and requires minimal implementation time.

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Workplace has different plans depending on the needs and sizes of the teams in each organization. However, the Essential Option is designed to empower micro, small and medium-sized businesses, giving them access to tools and connectivity that no other company offers completely free:

  • Ability to create up to 50 groups within the company to optimize operations and deliver the most relevant information to the right team (finance, legal, communication, etc.)
  • Workplace Chat as an instant messaging solution (with gifs, avatars, voice messages and personalization of emojis).
  • Group video calls
  • 5 GB of file storage per person
  • Live video streaming (important announcements, internal events, etc.)
  • Possibility of secure collaboration between different companies using Workplace
  • Integration with other cloud services (Zoom, Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Blue Jeans, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Mobile applications for using all services on smartphones

Implementing Workplace requires minimal training and offers industry-leading security. You can work with the free version of Workplace.

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