Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model who is now the cover of Vogue México magazine

The Mexican started to be interested in fashion at the age of 14 and tried on the clothes that her grandfather’s wife had made. In this way, she found and acquired skills that made her face of Vogue.

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Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model who is now the cover of Vogue México magazine
Karen Vega, the Oaxacan model who is now the cover of Vogue México magazine

Fashion magazines are an essential way to reveal everything that has to do with elegance, beauty and style. And this time, the industry’s most traditional paradigms were broken by removing the Caucasian blonde stereotype on the cover and using a different model to portray an unrecognized beauty.

That is the case with Karen Vega, an 18-year-old professional model who was one of the first Oaxacans to cover the magazine Fashion in its Mexican edition.

At the age of 14, Vega started wearing her grandfather’s wife’s clothes for a local fashion company, and she tells how from that moment on she found that she was comfortable with the activity and that she was drawing her attention. Today he demonstrated for different brands and posed for different cameras. She is the first woman from Oaxaca to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine in a Mexican edition.

The cover shows the protagonist against a blue sky and a green meadow, a Mexican pink dress and a rooster in her arms.

He received the invitation to participate in the “Magical Realism” project from Oaxacan’s creative director and designer Pompi García and photographer Enrique Leyva. So he had his first access to the professional fashion world.

“They came up with the idea of ​​showing more brown and indigenous skin in their projects and they thought I could help them add to the pictures they had imagined. I was very excited because I always liked the photos, but I had always made it informal. Karen said in her interview Fashion.

Shortly after this experience, she decided to join the talent agency “Talento Espina”, founded by García and Leyva. In this agency, he had his first parade in Mexico City.

“At first there were many doubts about my participation because although it was a very nice opportunity, the transfer and trust of my parents was difficult to walk since it was the first time I left Oaxaca,” said Vega in an interview for the magazine.

In his interview, he mentioned that the standards for modeling in Mexico were very high, such as size, skin color, size. But his contribution to the industry would be to target women from the south, their stories of where they come from, so that more can become inspirations of a different kind.

The representation of diversity in Mexico is important and can serve as inspiration for many people as well as for them Yalitza Aparicio when she was the face of the magazine.

“When I saw Yalitza on the cover of Vogue, it was also a sign and now I know that I could be this sign for more girls if I continue to work hard and I am grateful,” the model concludes.

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