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Juncker says goodbye to the EU asking Von der Leyen “to take care of Europe”

November 29, 2019


The president of the outgoing European Commission, former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, said goodbye to Brussels on Friday with a single request to his successor, the German conservative Ursula von der Leyen: “Take care of Europe.”

“I did not find any report on my table when I arrived, nor will you find a Von der Leyen, but I can tell you to take care of Europe. It is necessary to take care of Europe,” Juncker said in a short press conference during which he said he felt relieved for leaving office

Juncker has said that being president of the European Commission is one of the tasks “that is not one of the simplest”, but he has not wanted to give details on what he will do from now on, after three decades in politics, always very involved with The European project

He has also had words of reproach for European leaders who did not respect the system tested in the previous legislature so that the head of the Community Executive was the winner of the European Parliament elections.

On this occasion, and despite the pressure from the European Chamber, the Commission will be chaired by a German conservative, former Defense Minister, elected by the Twenty-Eight during a hard negotiation of several days, ignoring the 'head of list' of the European parties that attended to the May elections.

“The idea of ​​carrying out a campaign (with the 'Spitzenkandidat' system) in 2014 was a good one, the idea of ​​not repeating it in 2019 was a mistake. I think it's a regret, it was a very small democratic advance and it was suppressed by dark reasons, “he criticized.

Juncker, true to his joking style in big dates, has put an end to the farewell press conference after a few questions with a blunt: “I'm hungry, bye.”