Juncker and Johnson meet next Monday in Luxembourg


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to Luxembourg next Monday to meet the outgoing president of the European Commission, Luxembourg-Jean-Claude Juncker, which will be the first meeting between the two since the British relieved Theresa May and confirmed his rejection of the Brexit agreement negotiated between London and Brussels.

Johnson and Juncker will keep a working lunch in a “neutral” place in the Luxembourg capital, according to a community spokeswoman, who has not wanted to give details about the location, or about the messages Juncker hopes to convey to Johnson.

Juncker and Johnson meet next Monday in Luxembourg
Juncker and Johnson meet next Monday in Luxembourg

It will be the first time that both have seen each other's faces since Johnson is British Prime Minister, although they had already expressed their willingness to see each other, the spokeswoman said, despite the differences between the two.

The meeting will take place in Luxembourg, where Juncker is, at the request of the head of the Community Executive, who after the meeting will have to leave for Strasbourg to attend the plenary session of the European Parliament and preside on Tuesday the College of Commissioners in the French city.

In Luxembourg, Johnson will also meet the country's prime minister, Xavier Bettel.

The European Union maintains that the negotiated divorce agreement is “the best and only possible” to ensure that the UK's exit from the EU takes place in an orderly manner. The Twenty-seven also regret that the United Kingdom rejects the solution on the table but does not present credible and feasible alternatives.

London looks suspiciously at the safeguard to avoid the return to a 'hard' border in the Ulster and wants it to be out of the agreement, something that the community bloc rejects flatly because it sees it as essential to protect both the internal market and the Peace Accords Good Friday

In this context, the negotiating teams have maintained contacts for weeks at a technical level to try to save the obstacles that block the agreement and, if not overcome in the coming weeks, will lead to an abrupt departure due to the lack of agreement on the next 31 of October.

Earlier, the leaders of the European Union will meet at their traditional October summit in Brussels, on the European Council on the 17th and 18th, on a date from which Johnson has said he hopes to leave with a new agreement for separation.

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