Journaling, the trending technique for dealing with fear

As business people, we are always exposed stress Y. fear This results in decisions being made that affect the lives of our teams and millions of ideas running through our minds. If we don’t know how to deal with these feelings and thoughts, we can drown in fear and despair. Fortunately, modern entrepreneurs understand that mental, physical, and emotional health is a fundamental component of our business growth. Many choose to run, others to dye, and some others have discovered unconventional techniques such as Listen to ASMR videos. I chose one diary.

It is a practice that more and more people are adapting to their lives. It’s about keeping a notebook that reflects thoughts, desires, fears and hopes every day. It’s a bit like diary which ironically, you don’t have to write every day if not when you have to.

Journaling, the trending technique for dealing with fear
Journaling, the trending technique for dealing with fear

This analog method has the advantage of being fully customizable, with the only motto being to make the most of the paper available. The idea is that you have all of the information YOU You need in one place and that you can awaken your creative side and even separate yourself from the world by putting your journal together.

The technology has developed in a visually more attractive way and gives free rein to creativity. It’s about showing your desires, goals, projections, feelings, meditations and anything else you want (like watching movies or reading books) graphically, either with drawings or tables.

Many use the technique developed by the designer Ryder Carrollwho spent several years of her career finding a way to organize that made sense to her and wasn’t boring. It’s based on that fast bloggingSo quickly write the things that are still outstanding based on symbols. You can analyze the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.

In this video you can see the basic points of the Bullet Journal::

It seems complicated, but once you’ve set your index and the first month of planning it becomes very easy.

But what does that matter? diary from a traditional newspaper or blog? The way thoughts are expressed. Writing in a notebook for long periods of time can become tedious and lead to the exercise being interrupted. Writing becomes more natural through the use of images, diagrams, photos, sentences, mind maps and other materials.

Personally, I started using this technique in early 2016 to clear my mind. I love uses like Wunderlist to keep track of my everyday life, but I’m still one of those people who need the clarity that paper offers.

I first bought a regular Scribe notebook and wrote down what I could think of in lists. Soon I had colored pens, markers, watercolors, and washi paper to decorate my journal. I discovered that writing was just as important as the “time off” it gave me to spend on my notebook. I found in the creative planning of the Magazines A great way to reduce my anxiety and control my colitis and other health problems caused by excessive stress.

It’s a very free technique that allows you to set the rules and unleash your inspiration. You can keep track of your food, place the movies you’ve seen, meditate, and write the sentences you want to inspire for the year.

Why a diary?

A journal of this style isn’t just about unleashing creativity. It is also about giving clarity to the mind. In fact, it offers surprising benefits as it can be a very simple form of mindfulness meditation. Some of its advantages are:

– A study from the University of Victoria suggests that keeping a journal can increase intelligence quotient (IQ) as it strengthens the language area.

-The University of Virginia suggests that the state Mindfulness What to write or draw in a journal helps to focus individual thoughts on a specific process.

– When you write down your goals on paper, your brain classifies them as “important actions”. Your active reticular system (ARS) – the part of the brain that controls vigilance – puts a check mark on them and files them as actions that do so YOU NEED TO Afford.

– It allows for better composition of ideas and trains the brain to be more orderly (according to a note in the Wall Street Journal).

– According to the American Psychological Association, the habit of writing in a journal (even if it’s not every day) helps exercise discipline for more important tasks.

Personally, I use it to improve mine emotional intelligence. By giving my emotions a controlled vent, I can show more measured and analytical responses every day.

Image: Martha Elena Violante

What does it take for a bullet journal?

All you need is a regular notebook and pen, but you can use:

  • Moleskines notebooks
  • Colorful feathers
  • Colours
  • Washing paper
  • Photographs
  • sentences
  • cuts
  • Everything you want

You should have a general index to start with, a simple daily analysis (if necessary), a monthly study, a six-month plan, and a list of the goals and tasks you accomplished over the year.

The point is that you sit in front of the notebook and give yourself permission to empty everything you have in your head.

I still use Wunderlist, Google Calendar, and even a traditional calendar to organize my events, but the diary It forces me to take five minutes every now and then to meditate, breathe, and put things in perspective.

What do you think of this meditation and organization technique?

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