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Johnson will press the US to get the return of the American accused of involuntary manslaughter

December 21, 2019


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that he will pressure the United States to allow the return of the wife of the North American Intelligence agent accused of the involuntary manslaughter of the young Harry Dunn, 19, who ran over with his car in the Kingdom United, last August.

The woman, Anne Sacoolas, announced Friday that she will not return to the country to answer for the charges – which would carry up to 14 years in prison -, considering them as disproportionate to what she understood as a “terrible accident” as the Family lawyer, Amy Jeffers.

In response, Johnson said that “the Government will continue to represent Harry Dunn's family with enormous interest and will ask about the situation at all levels of the US Government.”

Sacoolas killed Dunn when he was traveling in the opposite direction through Northamptonshire. The woman left the country days after the murder, protected according to the United States in her immunity for being a family of diplomat.

However, Dunn's family lawyers have disputed this statement because they understand that the woman's immunity expired at the time she returned to the United States, according to 'The Guardian'.

A month after Sacoolas returned to the United States, the British Prosecutor's Office received evidence of the event on November 1, confirming without any doubt that the woman was driving on the opposite side when she hit the Dunn.