Johnson urges his cabinet urgently among speculations of electoral advancement

LONDON, 2 Sep. –

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has called on Monday an unscheduled meeting of his cabinet (at 5 pm London time), which has triggered speculation about a possible parliamentary movement of the Government that would imply, according to various media , the call for early elections.

The BBC has reported “discussions” in Downing Street about the possibility of counteracting a possible legislative initiative to curb an exit without EU agreement with another text that would imply electoral advancement, even before the Brexit date – 31 October–.

Johnson urges his cabinet urgently among speculations of electoral advancement
Johnson urges his cabinet urgently among speculations of electoral advancement

The Sky News network has also echoed these suspicions and pointed out that, if elections were held, the first possible date would be October 17, which would lead to a last-minute turn in the UK tactic to face your divorce from the community bloc.

A spokesman for Downing Street has shaved the critical voices with the hard Brexit that have fixed this red line, understanding that it limits the negotiating margin of the Government, according to Reuters. The Government has insisted that Johnson's first option involves removing the United Kingdom from the block with an agreement in between.

The 'tories' rebels hope to add almost a score of names to the cause opened in the House of Commons to avoid a Brexit without agreement, which would leave Johnson without the majority and therefore at the mercy of what dictates a block of which The Labor Party is also part.

“We must get together to stop an exit without agreement. This week could be the last chance,” Corbyn said in a speech in Salford, in the north of England. “Next, we need general elections,” explained the Labor leader.

In those elections, he added, “Labor will give the population the opportunity to regain control and have the last word in a consultation with credible options of all kinds and that includes the option to remain” in the European Union.

Corbyn has therefore dodged the warning of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has urged Labor not to fall into the “trap” of electoral advancement, since it could strengthen conservatives. Although “a majority is against an exit without agreement,” there are also those who “are more afraid of Corbyn being a leader,” Blair said in a speech.

The main minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who challenged Johnson to put the electoral advance on the table as long as it is “before October 31” has also been pronounced on Monday. “The deputies cannot allow Johnson to manipulate the date to push us to a Brexit without agreement,” he said, referring to a possible call in November.

The question of the date had already been a matter of debate in case the opposition and the dissident 'tories' ally to present a motion of censure, since the lack of an alternative candidate could imply the automatic call for elections and leave Johnson with room to take out the polls after Brexit day.

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