Johnson rules out customs duty five kilometers from the border but says some controls will be needed

He denies having committed irregularities with the granting of subsidies to a friend's company when he was mayor of London

MANCHESTER, Oct. 1 (Reuters / EP) –

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has ruled out Tuesday the possibility of creating customs controls at a distance of five kilometers from the physical separation between Northern Ireland and Ireland, although he has made it clear that “some controls” will have to be taken.

Faced with the direct question of whether his Government is going to propose to the European Union the establishment of border controls at a certain distance from the Ulster's physical separation line with Ireland, Johnson has replied categorically: “No way.”

Johnson rules out customs duty five kilometers from the border but says some controls will be needed
Johnson rules out customs duty five kilometers from the border but says some controls will be needed

After that first response, the head of the British Government has said that a sovereign country must have a single territory with its borders. “In the end, a united and sovereign country has to have a single border territory,” he said.

“When the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union that must be the situation we have,” said the British Prime Minister, who faces the final stretch of the process of leaving the European Union, with the date of October 31 in sight .

The Irish border safeguard, the plan devised to ensure that there is no hard border between the two Irlandas during the transition process, is the main obstacle for the British Parliament to approve the exit agreement of the European Union ratified with the 27 in November 2018.

In the framework of the conference of the 'tories' in Manchester, the British prime minister has denied in an interview with the BBC that he has committed irregularities during his time as mayor of London, when subsidies were granted to the company of an American friend, and, in addition, he stressed that he is still a good person despite Brexit.

When asked whether Brexit pressure has changed his personality, Johnson has said he is still a “generous hearted” person. “To all those who wish to see the return of the affectionate, generous and attentive mayor of London I say that this person has not left,” he said. “However, we are in a position where the only way we can unite our country is to make Brexit,” he added.

Johnson has been criticized from various political sectors, including by his sister, for the language he used in the last major parliamentary debate on Brexit following the decision of the Supreme Court to declare the suspension of legislative chambers illegal.

The head of the British Government has also referred to the controversy for subsidies granted to the company of his American friend Jennifer Arcuri when he was mayor of London and has said that there were no irregularities, in addition to accusing the current first mayor of the British capital , Sadiq Khan, of having impelled his denunciation before the Police to try to prevent Brexit.

“I can tell you that there was no irregularity as far as I am concerned,” Johnson said, in an interview with the LBC radio station. “I think there is a very good reason and that is that we have been entrusted, in one way or another, that Brexit is made for October 31 and that has a lot of meaning. There are very intelligent people who basically think that that would be something they don't want to see, “he said. “I think there is a shared effort now to thwart Brexit,” he concluded.

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