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Johnson proclaims that the British people have voted “irrefutable” and “undisputed” by Brexit

December 13, 2019


The leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said on Friday, after his victory in the legislative elections, that the British people have made an “irrefutable” and “undisputed” decision in favor of compliance with Brexit.

“With this mandate, the majority will at least be able to fulfill Brexit because these elections imply that compliance with Brexit is now the irrefutable, irresistible and unquestionable decision of the British people,” said the leader of the 'tories' in a speech before followers of his party in London after winning a clear absolute majority in the legislative elections.

Johnson has stressed that the electoral victory of the conservatives “puts an end to all those miserable threats of a second referendum” on Brexit and has transferred to the 'tories' activists that the victory at the polls has come thanks to them.

After paying tribute to the teammates who have failed to revalidate their seat, the prime minister stressed that Thursday's victory is the biggest victory of his party since the 80s.

Johnson has thanked the support of British voters who have decided to change their vote to support conservatives at Thursday's election date. “I will never take for granted the support they have given me,” he assured them. Finally, he stressed that the Brexit will be fulfilled by January 31 “without worth but worthless but perhaps”. “Let's make Brexit but let's make breakfast first,” he has ironized to conclude.