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Johnson meets with Trump and avoids clarifying why he has prevented them from being photographed together

December 4, 2019

LONDON, Dec. 4 (Reuters / EP) –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that at the last minute he met in London with US President Donald Trump, although he has avoided answering the question of why I have prevented them from being photographed together.

Johnson, who is campaigning as head of the Conservative Party list in the December 12 legislative elections, had explicitly asked Trump not to intervene in the British election campaign.

British media have suggested that Johnson might be trying to prevent him from being seen in public with Trump, a figure that is very unpopular. “We have had a very good meeting and we have discussed the future of NATO, what is happening in Syria and other security issues,” Johnson explained Wednesday in press statements in London.

From his personal Twitter account, Trump has said he has “enjoyed” his meeting with Johnson in London, in which the two leaders addressed “numerous issues,” including NATO and business relations.

Johnson, who hosts the NATO heads of state and government summit in London, met with leaders from Germany, France and Turkey on Tuesday to talk about Syria, emphasizing that it is important that the Atlantic Alliance stay together.