Johnson Johnson will discontinue the production of skin lightening creams

Racial inequality, highlighted in these times, has prompted companies to make important decisions about their products.

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Johnson  Johnson will discontinue the production of skin lightening creams
Johnson Johnson will discontinue the production of skin lightening creams

Because of the controversy and the search for Racial justice around the world, Johnson Johnson announced that it would discontinue the production and sale of creams from its Clean Clear Fairness product line, which is available in India The New York Times. In the same way, products from the Neutrogena Fine Fairness line, which are sold in Asia and the Middle East and are used to lighten stains but are used by people to lighten, are also withdrawn Skin color.

The existing product on the market will not be withdrawn, but the production of these skin spot reduction lines will be discontinued. Nevertheless, J J mention that their products are used to maintain skin health regardless of skin color.

“Conversations in the past few weeks have shown that some product names or claims about our spot reducers describe light or white color better than their own skin tone,” said Johnson Johnson in a statement. “It was never our intention: healthy skin is beautiful skin.”

Johnson Johnson announced that the production and sale of creams from the Clean Clear Fairness product line Johnson Johnson / Image: will be discontinued

Johnson Johnson also announced the launch of “band aids” in different shades

With its Band-Aid brand, J J will launch new bandages with different skin tones that emphasize the beauty of the different tones and support the fight against inequality and racism.

All of the above changes were brought about by the Black Lives Matter movement, which got underway after the murder of George Floyd, the African American killed by local police in Minneapolis, which is why many companies had to do their policies and advertising campaigns readjust.

Other brands of skin lightening or lightening creams, such as Unilever, Procter Gamble and LĀ“Oreal, have not yet recalled products of this type, although they agreed in the campaign against racism.

According to Euromonitor International, around 6,277 tons of skin whitening agents were sold worldwide in 2019, including products such as anti-aging creams or spots or freckles.

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