Johnson insists “no data” suggests delaying UK de-escalation but calls for “caution”

The UK reports more than 4,300 new COVID-19 infections as of Tuesday

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday insisted that “no data” related to the COVID-19 pandemic suggests the final step in UK de-escalation, scheduled for June 21, needs to be postponed despite asking citizens to ” Caution “asked”.

The UK government plans that the fourth step in the UK’s “roadmap” to loosen restrictions, amid an apparent improvement in the epidemiological situation, will end all social restrictions in the European country.

Johnson insists “no data” suggests delaying UK de-escalation but calls for “caution”
Johnson insists “no data” suggests delaying UK de-escalation but calls for “caution”

The UK recorded no deaths from COVID-19 for the first time since the pandemic began on Tuesday, after recording nearly 2,000 deaths a day for weeks. However, the spread of the Indian variant, after the number of daily infections stabilized, has resulted in a rebound in cases reported daily by the UK health authorities. Because of this, many experts these days have asked the Johnson Executive to reconsider the date for completing the de-escalation.

In this regard, the UK Ministry of Health recorded 4,330 new infections with COVID-19 this Wednesday, an increase from the 3,165 reported the previous day. For their part, UK health officials have confirmed 12 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

“I don’t see anything in the data at the moment, which means that we are with the fourth step of the reopening on the 21st, according to information from Sky News.

“But we have to be careful because there is no doubt that infection rates are increasing,” he added, noting that the executive had planned the de-escalation based on data on coronavirus infection. He asked “to find out” to what extent the British vaccination program had protected the population.

The improvement in the UK pandemic is attributed to the rapid progress made on his vaccination schedule. To date, more than 39.4 million people in the country have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – 74.9 percent of the population – and more than 25.7 million have also been vaccinated with the second – 48.9 percent.

In total, UK health officials have reported more than 4.4 million infections, including more than 127,000 deaths from COVID-19.

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