Johnson distances himself from the fuel crisis of migration

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has separated the migration situation and lack of fuel tanks with the lack of supplies to the country’s gas stations amid critical voices pointing to the exodus of foreign workers from Britain.

β€œThe way forward for our country is not just to pull the big lever called ‘immigration’,” Johnson told the BBC’s Andrew Marr program in an interview prior to the beginning of the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester.

Johnson distances himself from the fuel crisis of migration
Johnson distances himself from the fuel crisis of migration

“What we are seeing,” he added, “is the impact of the strain on the UK economy caused by being the fastest growing group of developed countries in the G7,” added Johnson.

The conference comes at a time when various Conservative Party voices have expressed concern about the impact of widespread fuel shortages on the country’s global position.

Under the containment measures, the UK government will mobilize 200 military personnel, including a hundred specialist drivers, to facilitate the tasks of gasoline distribution in the country’s gas stations, currently hindered by the lack of transport companies.

Likewise, the UK government has announced the launch of a visa extension plan for nearly 5,000 overseas airlines that would have to leave the country on December 24th and will now be able to stay until the end of February.

Similarly, the government has offered immediate entry to the country for an additional 300 drivers granted temporary visas through March 2022.

Meanwhile, the British opposition has called for an emergency session of Parliament and the appearance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to explain the circumstances surrounding the crisis.

Formations such as the Scottish National Party link the situation directly with Great Britain’s exit from the EU, as its head of parliament, Ian Blackford, emphasized at the time. “Job shortages, rising costs, empty supermarkets, the fuel crisis and trade barriers are causing us enormous damage,” he complained.

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