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Johnson clarifies that there will be no Extension of Brexit: “New agreement or no agreement, but no delay”

October 4, 2019


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has qualified the documents presented by the Government before a Scottish court and has clarified that he does not consider asking for any extension. “New agreement or no agreement, but no delay,” he has proclaimed.

The message, published on his Twitter account, comes accompanied by labels in favor of the current deadlines, according to which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on October 31. The 'premier' had already warned that he prefers to be “dead in a ditch” rather than requesting a third extension.

The British Parliament passed a law in September according to which Johnson would be required to request the postponement if there is no agreement or express permission from Parliament for a hard Brexit before October 19. A Scottish court is now examining a complaint from anti-Brexit activists who want to obtain a court order so that Johnson is doubly forced to comply with the law.

The Government, in documents sent to that court, has confirmed that Johnson has assumed his obligation to send the letter to the European Union, reports BBC. However, Johnson's words on Twitter cast doubt on the government's willingness to abide by what the opposition and a group of dissident tories claim.

A source of Downing Street consulted by public television has acknowledged that the law leaves little room for action to the Government, but has indicated that this text “does not prevent (the Government) from doing other things so that there are no delays”, referring to “other private and public communications”. “People will have to wait to see how everything fits,” said the source.