Johnson challenges Corbyn to file a motion of censure and the Labor subject her to the postponement of Brexit

The prime minister says that the Supreme “has been wrong” and charges parliamentarians for blocking the exit of the EU


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has challenged the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on Wednesday to submit a motion of censure, a measure that the Labor leader has ruled out requesting until the government has asked Brussels to postpone Brexit.

In an appearance in the House of Commons following the ruling of the Supreme Court that declared Johnson's suspension of Parliament “illegal”, the prime minister has said that the high court “has been wrong” because he has ruled on an issue of political nature and has reiterated that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on October 31.

Johnson challenges Corbyn to file a motion of censure and the Labor subject her to the postponement of Brexit
Johnson challenges Corbyn to file a motion of censure and the Labor subject her to the postponement of Brexit

The head of the British Government has lamented that the opposition parties are promising a second referendum on Brexit and has indicated that it would be a “fantasy” to think that the British would “respect” the result of a second consultation, according to 'The Guardian'. In this regard, he stressed that citizens do not want “a second referendum” but “the first one is met.” “The British people just want Brexit done,” he added.

The 'premier' has addressed the opposition parliamentarians and has urged them to submit a motion of censure to overthrow their government and thus secure the convening of legislative elections, before reproaching the Labor who voted in the Commons twice against calling elections and then they have advocated an appointment with the polls at their Brighton conference.

“It's not just that this Parliament is stuck and paralyzed and refuses to meet the people's priorities. It's not just that it is unable to move forward. It's worse than that. It's about pure selfishness and political cowardice of opponents who aren't willing to step aside and give the voice to the people, “he said.

Along the same lines, he has reproached the leader of the Labor Party that he is continually “changing his mind” and wondered if he would vote in favor of ceasing him in a motion of censure and if he really wants to become prime minister.

Johnson has assured that Corbyn wants the current prime minister to ask Brussels to postpone Brexit but is not willing to do it himself or the Labor would let him go to the community capital to negotiate.

He has then affirmed that Labor have until the end of Wednesday to file a motion of censure and that if they do, the measure would be voted on Thursday. Finally, he stressed that the time has come to materialize Brexit and recalled that it was Parliament that decided to convene the consultation on the permanence in the European Union. “I should leave it done or face the voters,” he explained.

The opposition leader has responded to the Johnson site making it clear that he will only file a motion of censure if he previously asks Brussels to postpone Brexit, as required by the law passed by the British Parliament before the suspension that is in force week has declared the Supreme illegal.

Corbyn has criticized the prime minister for having driven the closure of Parliament, a measure he has defined as “a constitutional coup d'etat,” and has reproached him for granting subsidies to a company run by a London-led mayor. United States friend.

“If you want an election, get a postponement (of Brexit) and have an election,” said the leader of the Labor Party, before stressing that Johnson must leave office “for the good of the country.”

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