Johnson calls on Trump not to meddle in the UK elections when he goes to the NATO summit

Boris Johnson en Londres

Boris Johnson in London – Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire / dpa

LONDON, Nov. 29 (Reuters / EP) –

British Prime Minister and candidate of the Conservative Party for reelection, Boris Johnson, has called on the president of the United States, Donald Trump, not to interfere in the legislative elections of the United Kingdom when he travels to London to attend the summit of heads of state and NATO Government.

Johnson calls on Trump not to meddle in the UK elections when he goes to the NATO summit
Johnson calls on Trump not to meddle in the UK elections when he goes to the NATO summit

“What we don't do traditionally as dear friends and allies, what we don't do traditionally, is to get involved in each other's election campaigns,” said Johnson, whose party starts as a favorite to win victory in the December 12 elections.

“The best thing when you have close friends and allies such as the United States and the United Kingdom is that neither of you get involved in each other's choices,” said the leader 'tory', in an interview with the LBC radio station.

Johnson has also talked about the report of a parliamentary commission on the alleged Russian interference in the United Kingdom and has ensured that he has no record that Russia or any other country has interfered successfully or in any other way in British politics.

Trump has already spoken publicly about the British legislative elections, on previous occasions making it clear that the opposition leader and Labor Party candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, would be “too bad” for the United Kingdom and that Johnson should reach an agreement with the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage.

Corbyn has taken advantage of Trump's message in support of Johnson to attack the conservatives and has accused the prime minister of showing his willingness to sell the management of the National Health System (NHS) to US companies in the framework of the talks for a commercial pact after Brexit.

The Sun newspaper reported Friday that prominent senior Conservative Party officials fear Trump will say something during his time in London that could harm Johnson's campaign and his options in legislative elections.

In his previous visits to the United Kingdom, the president of the United States has not avoided ruling on British politics, even criticizing Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May, for his strategy with Brexit.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in London on December 2 and the press will probably ask about his position in future trade talks with the United Kingdom for a trade pact and the possibility of talking about the NHS, having previously said that this issue should be In the negotiation.

Johnson, however, wanted to make it clear this Friday that he will get up from the table if talks with the United States on commercial matters include, as a precondition, talking about the NHS. “First of all, the NHS is not for sale. Under no circumstances will this Government or any government of the conservatives do anything that puts the NHS on the negotiating table in business talks or that involves privatization,” said the leader. tory '.

“I can say that if the United States or any other country insisted on that as a condition of a conversation, we would simply get up,” Johnson said. The British Prime Minister has also said that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on the scheduled date of January 31 if the 'Tories' achieve a majority in Parliament.

When asked about the number of children he has, Johnson has refused to answer and said he does not want to expose his children in the election campaign. “I love my children very much but they do not stand for these elections. Therefore, I will not make statements,” he said, whose personal life has attracted the attention of the British sensationalist media.

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