Johnson and Varadkar agree to work together to restore the Government of Northern Ireland

Los primeros ministros de Reino Unido, Boris Johnson, e Irlanda, Leo Varadkar

Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, and Ireland, Leo Varadkar – Niall Carson / PA Wire / dpa – Archive


The prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar, respectively, have pledged to work together to recover “the institutions of the Good Friday Agreements”, in an indirect allusion to the Government of Northern Ireland.

Johnson and Varadkar agree to work together to restore the Government of Northern Ireland
Johnson and Varadkar agree to work together to restore the Government of Northern Ireland

Johnson has phoned Varadkar on Friday, following the overwhelming victory of the Conservative Party in parliamentary elections held Thursday in the United Kingdom, which will allow him to remain in office.

Varadkar has congratulated him hours before on Twitter “for his formidable personal and political victory”, and has insisted that “the Withdrawal Agreement means an orderly Brexit, not a hard border”, as well as “a common travel zone and protection reciprocal of citizens' rights “on the island of Ireland.

Johnson “has made it clear that his top priority is the restoration of a functional government as soon as possible.” Thus, he has anticipated that the minister for Northern Ireland, Julian Smith, “will engage in a process of talks that guarantees the restoration of institutions.”

Both “have agreed that there is now a significant opportunity to restore the institutions of the Good Friday Agreements and have promised to work with the parties in Northern Ireland to achieve this,” the Irish Government said in a statement.

The Norwegian Executive, one of the pillars of the 1998 Peace Accords, was broken in January 2017 with Sinn Fein's departure after arguing that his DUP partners were not treating them as equals. The efforts and calls for a new government to form have not prospered so far.

If the projections are confirmed, Northern Ireland would have elected nine nationalist parliamentarians, seven from Sinn Fein, two from the Social Democratic and Labor Party (SDLP), and eight union parliamentarians, as reported by the British newspaper 'The Guardian'.

Thus, the Arlene Foster DUP, who a year ago boasted of the influence it could have on the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom, has seen how now the Northern Ireland Parliament acquires a symbolic inclination in favor of those who want unity from all over Ireland.


On the other hand, Johnson has informed Varadkar of the 'road map' for Parliament to vote on the Brexit agreement so that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on January 31, as planned.

The two leaders have trusted that the Brexit agreement will have a “quiet approval” in the British Parliament and, in this regard, have agreed to stay in “close contact” in the coming weeks.

They have also discussed “how to strengthen the relationship between Ireland and the United Kingdom”.

One of the biggest challenges of the Brexit agreement has been to ensure the full break between the United Kingdom and the EU without reimposing an urn border between Northern Ireland and Ireland that would violate the Good Friday Agreements.


Johnson has also spoken on the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom she has spoken about “the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between Germany and the Kingdom.”

In addition, they have agreed to meet in early 2020, according to a Downing Street spokesman quoted by the British network Sky News.

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