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John McAfee knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is

May 4, 2020

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph during Virtual Blockchain Week, the volatile, volatile and self-proclaimed candidate for the President of the United States, John McAfee said they knew the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto with 99% certainty.

The discussion took place after a memorable debate at the conference, where McAfee rejected COVID-19 and said it was a government conspiracy while he showed his AK-47 to the camera.

McAfee is 99% certain that he knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is

Speaking to Cointelegraph, McAfee described the widespread belief that a person named Satoshi designed Bitcoin as “nonsense” and said: “It was a team of eleven people over a five-year period that eventually emerged with Bitcoin“”

John McAfee knows who Satoshi Nakamoto isJohn McAfee knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is

“I don’t know how you decided who would write the documentary. But who wants to know who it is; I mean you know who the options are, you have Craig Wright, maybe I won’t name everyone else, otherwise you’ll find out who it is, but someone wrote the white paper, “he continued.

McAfee identifies the notices in the Bitcoin white paper

McAfee claims that Speech analysis of the White Paper, also known as stylometry, is all it takes to discover Satoshi’s identity.

“First of all, when you read the White Paper, it’s absolutely clear that it’s British: Every word that is spelled differently in British and American English is written in British style“McAfee says.

“Second, it leaves clues. There are only five percent of the population who leave two fields after a period, and after a period everything has two fields. And The document format was identical to the documents that he had published professionally“he adds.

“If you buy a $ 200 authoring program, take the white paper and go through it, and take one of the documents it publishes – all these people wrote documents, by the way – only one comes out with a ninety-nine percent chance of being him. “

McAfee returns his plan to expose Satoshi

McAfee notes that had previously planned to publicly reveal Satoshi’s identitybefore you decide not to do so after talking to the person on the phone.

“I was on the phone with him, he really wanted to reveal who he was. Why? Because all this nonsense was just stupid, people wasted their time in vain, so I wanted to say, ‘Listen, it was person’, McAfee said.

“And do you know what he said to me? Very clever son of ****, he said, ‘Ok, what if you’re wrong?’ He said: ‘If you are right, Satoshi has to employ fifty security guards and change his life, otherwise he will die‘. Why? Everyone will want a piece of it, including the governments that require them to pay taxes. “

“He said, ‘Okay, if you’re right, that person has the ability to do something. But,What if you’re wrong? You will end up destroying an innocent man’s life foreverand you will probably cause his death, “McAfee continued.

“”At that time I said, “I see, I will not say anything else, and your name will never leave my lips‘. And that’s why I never passed Craig Wright because the name should come from my lips. “

“But if you want to know, find out for yourself, it’s easy.”

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