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John McAfee is leaking objects to make sure he can’t get COVID-19

August 18, 2020

The businessman claims that he has been doing it all his life and that he does not get sick because of it.

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  • McAfee calls it boosting the immune system.

  • He licks the soles of his shoes and the handles of the shopping trolleys.

  • When he was 75, he gave an assurance that he would not get the flu.

John McAfee is leaking objects to make sure he can’t get COVID-19John McAfee is leaking objects to make sure he can’t get COVID-19

The multimillionaire John McAfee, Founder of the famous antivirus, stated in his report Twitter In addition to protecting the equipment, he’s also resistant to the coronavirus, although he went out of his way to get it.

In the publication, he explains that “despite my best efforts, including licking the handles of the supercars and the soles of the shoes, the coronavirus has not been able to get me to challenge me.”

He also showed two pictures: one of his test devices and one of him licking the sole of his shoe.

After some users accused him of “disinfecting the shoes beforehand,” McAfee challenged them and went to a building under construction and licked the shoe, which he reentered with. “My immune system is made of steel because I do things like this,” he said.

In another post he said, “I’m really doing it. I am 75 years old and have been doing it all my life. That’s why I never caught a cold and I don’t have any flu or illnesses. This is called strengthening the immune system. “

It’s not the first time he has said something controversial about the pandemic. A few days ago, the billionaire refused to wear a mask and instead wore underwear.

Although some mothers and grandmothers recommend something similar with children. Also, let’s recall that there was a challenge among influencers who tested positive for the coronavirus. Health officials, who are trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus, advise constant hand washing, use of antibacterial gel and mask, avoiding touching the face and keeping a healthy distance.

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