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Jim Rogers warned of the “worst economic recession” of his life

August 18, 2020

investor Jim Rogers, President of Rogers Holdings, recently warned in an interview The recent central bank bailouts will cause the worst economic collapse he has ever seen.

Central banks around the world are printing trillions of dollars to help countries boost their respective economies. Although the SP 500 has risen 50% since March 23 and shows no signs of slowing, Rogers believes the bailout plan won’t end well in the long run.

Indeed, Rogers thinks the US market is a bubble “waiting to end”:

“Remember, there will be elections in the US in six months’ time in November and all these people want to be re-elected. They don’t care about you, me or our children. They care about November and get re-elected. So all kinds of things . Good things will continue to happen and the markets will be good for a while … “

Jim Rogers warned of the “worst economic recession” of his lifeJim Rogers warned of the “worst economic recession” of his life

Rogers revealed that he owns gold and silver and still relies on agriculture. He also said he would bet on that Transportation, Airlines, Tourism and Other Industries Heavily Affected by the Pandemic:

“I bought a shipping company in Russia last week and a wine company in China last week. Some of them have really been hit, and even if the bear market hits again, I hope they won’t go down much, I hope.”

In a previous interview Rogers said he wished he had invested in bitcoin in the early days of technology. Anthony Pompliano recently predicted that Bitcoin’s market cap will outperform gold in less than a decade.

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