Jim Jefferies has four times more BTC than Elon Musk

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies It has more bitcoin than billionaire Elon Musk.

In the chapter of June 30th of Jefferies podcast titled “I do not know that” (I don’t know anything about it), the comedian of the “Investment Diva” revealed Kiana Danial He was a little better informed about cryptocurrencies than his podcast team believed, as they generally select topics the comedian has little or no knowledge of.

“I have a Bitcoin”Jefferies said, “I bought it to laugh a little bit at the app Robin Hood just to find out what this whole cryptocurrency thing was about. ”

Jim Jefferies has four times more BTC than Elon Musk
Jim Jefferies has four times more BTC than Elon Musk

The comedian said he currently owns $ 9,612. “for the value of a Bitcoin,” but Danial found that Jefferies hadn’t yet transferred his token to a wallet – and of course: “If they are not your keys, they are not your Bitcoins” (referring to the famous phrase by Bitcoin educator Andreas Antonopoulos, who says “Not your keys, not your Bitcoin” and that basically invites all cryptocurrency holders to follow safe practices when storing their tokens to avoid exposing them to vulnerabilities.

Buying 1 BTC makes you richer in Bitcoin terms than Tech Tycoon Elon Muskwho confirmed last May Bitcoin participation was only 0.25 BTC ($ 2,347 at the time of writing).

Jefferies’ net worth is estimated at almost $ 9 million, which means that Your investment in cryptocurrencies only accounts for 0.1% of your assets – just under 1% of billionaire Paul Tudor Jones.

A fun way to understand cryptos

Since the podcast aims for education and entertainment at the same time, Jefferies heard Danial explain some basic terms about cryptocurrencies and their history.

When the Satoshi Nakamoto topic came up, the comedian replied quickly:

“Everyone knows who they are: two Michelin stars, the best tuna in town.”

Cold store was also a reason for a joke:

“I’m going to buy Bitcoin and put my wallet in the fridge.”

Criticism of the “Investment Diva”

The comments on Jefferies’ knowledge were mixed. but many Twitter members that are part of the crypto community, They criticized Danial’s statement on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

“That is exactly what is needed: someone who does not understand a topic for many people who have never heard of it.” said Twitter users Westy447, “Like a cat trying to explain how to ride a bike”.

The podcaster Marty Bent even I know offered To replace Danial after another user informed him of his performance: “The call expert They had a total disaster. I would love for Jim Jefferies to come to your show so he can get to know Bitcoin properly. “

Jefferies is the second largest comedian to podcast interest in cryptocurrencies this week. Cointelegraph reported on July 2 that Anthony Pompliano He had successfully convinced comedian Bill Burr to invest in Bitcoin.

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