, a B2B marketplace with AI, IoT and blockchain, was launched

One of the sectors hardest hit by the current coronavirus crisis is undoubtedly tourism. In the tourism sector, technology is one of the most important tools for improving prevention. In this context, The pandemic accelerated the launch of, a new executive aviation platform in a B2B market that works with technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT.

It is a system that allows travel agencies to reserve free seats for private jets and helicopters for businesses and tourists in more than 110 countries. and combine them with commercial airlines. Over the next 12 months, he estimates transactions worth $ 42 million.

The platform, which is characterized by technological tools such as artificial intelligence, IOT, robotics, blockchain and data intelligence, already has around 2,000 airlines in the industry Business Aviation and more than 9,000 aircraft, including jets and helicopters. The company is headquartered in Miami and its IT development team in Argentina.

“The private aviation sector needed a big change in innovation, and we brought it to them through technology and got them where they’d never been on every traveller’s phones, with more flight options, a variety of destinations, and flexible flight schedules. and more comfort and health in times of COVID. In time we will see the passenger sector become more efficient and economical. We call this the democratization of the industry ”, says Sebastián Chicou, CEO of JetsBooking.

Sebastián Chicou, CEO of JetsBooking, a B2B marketplace with AI, IoT and blockchain, was launched, a B2B marketplace with AI, IoT and blockchain, was launched

Sebastián Chicou is a professional aircraft and helicopter pilot. He has been the founder and CEO of two senior aviation companies, leaders in the aviation market and jointly owned aircraft, for more than 15 years.

With a high profile in the industry today, attempts are being made to democratize private aviation on a global scale with a new and disruptive business model based on technologies like machine learning, big data, AI, blockchain, etc.

The global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic sparked a deep crisis in the tourism industry, and thousands of companies had to quickly change their business and introduce new services so as not to give up the greatest percentage of their income possible.

Actually, According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism will be reduced by 60 to 80% in 2020, putting between 100 and 120 million jobs at risk. This is the worst result since 1950 and the end of sustained growth since 2009.

Despite the inconvenience many companies began to suffer from, other companies and projects collapsed with violence. Within this last group is this company, The aim is to find a solution amid a pandemic that solves business flights. With an investment of $ 1.7 million (approximately $ 169 million) in seed capital, JetsBooking’s goal is to connect travel agencies with business aviation companies.

In times of change and digital updating, the tourism sector is suffering from the setback of the coronavirus. There is always talk of good or bad use of technology, but in the tourism sector it is one of the most important tools to improve prevention. Knowing which flight an infected person got on, efficiently and quickly communicating the situation to the people they were with those days, and recording their diagnosis are key pieces of information in order to contain the outbreak.

According to Chicou, JetsBooking was born out of a need to change and democratize the paradigm so that technology can make it more visible and closer to consumers.

JetsBooking is spreading

On the platform you can search, compare and reserve tickets with commercial airlines and combine them with private jets or helicopters. Launch from executive airports via VIP terminals;; and flights to destinations not covered by airlines (Commercial Aviation uses less than 10% of the world’s available airports).

In addition, you can fly first or executive class with JetsBooking (after the pandemic, the number of commercial flights will be drastically reduced worldwide). Choose who to fly with, reserve a seat on a jet by affinity group, use the most advanced technology and choose among other things even the taste of the catering (drinks and food), but also movies, music. The potential business is huge.

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