Jeanine Añez appoints new Cabinet after claiming as interim president of Bolivia

La autoproclamada presidenta interina de Bolivia, Jeanine Añez

The self-proclaimed interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez – REUTERS / CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS


The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, has appointed on Wednesday the new Cabinet of the country after assuming the Presidency to cover the void after the resignation and exit of the country of the now ex-president Evo Morales.

Jeanine Añez appoints new Cabinet after claiming as interim president of Bolivia
Jeanine Añez appoints new Cabinet after claiming as interim president of Bolivia

Añez has appointed 11 of the 20 ministers who will form his Government, including several legislators from the Democratic Unit (UD), the lawyer of the opposition leader and head of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Luis Fernando Camacho, and a journalist.

The former second vice president of the Senate has appointed lawyer Karen Logaric Minister of Foreign Affairs; to Camacho's lawyer, Xerxes Justiniano Atalá, Minister of the Presidency; UD Senator Arturo Murillo as Minister of Government; Luis Fernando López as Minister of Defense and journalist Roxana Lizárraga, Minister of Communication.

The former Secretary of Economy of the Government of Córdoba, José Luis Parada, will assume the Economy portfolio; the senator of UD María Elva Pinckert the one of Environment and Water; UD senator Yerko Núñez of Public Works; the supra-state deputy for UD Álvaro Coimbra of Justice and Transparency; the former director of the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (Senasag) Mario Samuel Ordoñez of Rural Development and Land; and the deputy of UD Álvaro Rodrigo Guzmán the one of Energies.

“This council of ministers that I present today in a partial way … includes knowledgeable and specialized persons as corresponds to a transitional Government to immediately restore all the services of public entities,” said Añez, as collected the newspaper 'The Times'.

Thus, Añez has stressed that the main work of his Government will be “to restore social peace, to hold free and transparent elections in the shortest possible time and to transfer the Government to whomever Bolivians choose with full legality and democratic legitimacy,” underlining that their “Transitional presidency” will be carried out with “absolute respect for the constitutional order”.

“This will be a mandate of strict provisional order. We need to reconcile our country so that Bolivians can move forward in a free and democratic Bolivia,” he said.

Añez has defended his legitimacy on Wednesday, denying the “coup d'etat” denounced by former president Evo Morales and his allies, promising that only the time needed to hold new elections to end the open crisis will remain in office After the last elections.

In a first executive act, Añez has also appointed the new command of the Armed Forces on Wednesday, after holding a series of meetings with the military leadership.

The internal president has also defended this step by asserting that “in these designations the institutionality of the Armed Forces has been respected” because “the best qualified officers have been designated.”

Carlos Orellana is the new commander in chief of the Armed Forces; Pablo Arturo Guerra Camacho, the chief of the General Staff; Iván Patricio Inchausti, the Army; Ciro Orlando Álvarez, that of the Air Force; and Moisés Orlando Mejía, that of the Navy.

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