Jason, the killer of ‘Friday the 13th’, stars in the role of wearing masks in a commercial

The primary aim of the campaign was to educate young people in New York about the importance of wearing face masks to curb coronavirus infections.

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Jason, the killer of ‘Friday the 13th’, stars in the role of wearing masks in a commercial
Jason, the killer of ‘Friday the 13th’, stars in the role of wearing masks in a commercial

The Agency Ogilvy health, In collaboration with Chimney grouplaunched a brilliant campaign to make New Yorkers aware of the use of face masks. It appears there Jason Voorhee, the psycho-character from the horror films “”Friday the 13th“”

“It’s not easy. A mask makes people uncomfortable,” is Voorhee’s first words when he walks through the streets of New York with his characteristic hockey goalie mask and accidentally terrorizes passers-by who he encounters.

Resigned because he doesn’t fit into the city, he’s sitting on a bench when a little girl comes to offer him a face mask. The character immediately attracts and the girl looks at him approvingly.

Putting on a mask can be scary. Not wearing it can be fatal. Put it on, New York. “is the phrase that ends the advertising that the agency has posted on its Instagram account.

Similarly, in the description of the video, the agency mentions the importance of using the mouth mask to reduce infections caused by COVID-19, However, many New Yorkers have ignored this recommendation.

According to Ogilvy Health’s post, the idea behind this creative campaign is to focus on elements of the Pop Culture to deliver a message with the potential to save lives in a fun and engaging way, especially for younger people who often feel “invincible” to the virus.

He Corona virus Other brands have joined in creating promotional messages to raise awareness of the hygiene measures they must take to prevent infections. Among these is Audi, an automotive company that encourages people to keep a healthy distance from what they were originally intertwined with with an ad showing their logo with the separate circles.

Likewise, Free market It has replaced its classic logo, which shows hands shaking hands, with a “elbow to elbow” greeting. A creative way to get people used to the measures they will take “New normality”.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercado Libre.

Brands have become important distributors of information, so they need to continue thinking about advertising campaigns to offer solutions to this crisis, which has cost more than life Half a million from people all over the world.

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