Japan’s amazing snowmen will blow your mind

Snow sculpture in JapanImage copyrightHiroe-beach

People in Japan are making the most of the heaviest snowfall for four years.

Despite temperatures dropping to -4 degrees Celsius in Tokyo they’ve been out in force making snowmen.

Not just any old snowmen with coal for eyes and carrots for a nose though. These icy sculptures are crafted with care.

Japan’s amazing snowmen will blow your mind
Japan’s amazing snowmen will blow your mind

They’ve been inspired by much-loved movies and video games, including Star Wars and Pokemon.

Here are some of the most artistic snow sculptures we could find on social media, including carefully crafted Minions.

Perfect icy pandas.

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Ice Wars. Jabba the Hutt.

A real chilla with this Godzilla.

Totoro, features highly.

She doesn’t look that impressed by Snoopy.

And, of course, Hello Kitty.

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