Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin holds the keys to security

The Oslo Freedom Forum, an event-based unit under his leadershipThe Human Rights Foundation (HRF) digitally hosted Square CEO Jack Dorsey. for a short interview on YouTube. During the engagement The CEO spoke positively about the largest crypto asset on the market, Bitcoin (BTC).

“For example, the whole spirit of Bitcoin is to provide a reliable system in an environment of suspicion, namely the Internet.” Dorsey told the host and HRF President: Thor Halvorssen, by doing Interview, published September 25th.

Dorsey’s comment came amid a discussion of security and methods of protection against nefarious parties. “I firmly believe that security can never be perfected.” He said. “It is a constant effort to stay 10 steps ahead of your attackers.”

Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin holds the keys to security
Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin holds the keys to security

Regarding Twitter, a platform that Dorsey also runs, named several ways of helping to gain some advantage over attackers, This includes maintaining internal self-confidence for your own safety and various external perspectives. He also mentioned the selection of suitable frameworks from the company: “Make sure we put the right security systems in place within our platform so that we can rely on an environment we can’t,” he said.

When approaching Bitcoin. Dorsey used the asset and its technology as an example of new technological innovation paving the way for greater security and making trust a less important component. He also mentioned the concept and importance of people with their own capacities and access keys. as seen in bitcoin.

Later in the interview, Dorsey also described blockchain technology and decentralization as a change in the landscape of online content hosted by multiple parties rather than centralized entities. “Blockchain and Bitcoin point to a future and to a world in which content exists forever, where it is permanent, where it does not disappear, where it exists forever in each of the nodes connected to it”, explained.

Dorsey also spoke positively about Bitcoin on other occasions. often describes the potential of the asset.

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