Izertis announces the acquisition of Solid Gear Projects

In Spain, technology consultancy Izertis announced the acquisition of Solid Gear Projects, a Valladolid-based company specializing in the development of mobile applications. This new acquisition complements the three that were made in the first half of the year and thus strengthens the software development department with a team of experts for the development of apps for iOS and Android. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement

Solid gear was born in 2011 with the aim of exploiting the potential of mobile devices. “Since then It has emerged as a benchmark in the industry with important companies from the European and North American market, especially in the areas of finance, technology, services and automotive“You stated in the statement.

“Also, has an important position in the financial sector and years of experience in media, retail and Industry 4.0, where solutions for environments with low connectivity are developed, ”they added later.

Izertis announces the acquisition of Solid Gear Projects
Izertis announces the acquisition of Solid Gear Projects

Pablo Martín, President and CEO of Izertis, said:

“With the acquisition of Solid Gear, we are able to put together a team of highly talented professionals with experience in mobile application development to help us improve our software development skills in a market where the demand for solutions has increased. Mobile phone, mobile phone “.

On the other hand, Raquel Pérez and Gonzalo González, Solid Gear Partners, emphasized that this integration enables them to bring their know-how to “a solid and ambitious project”.

About Izertis

From Izertis, they explained that they are trying to help their customers with their “digital metamorphosis processes”, which are understood as profound and transversal changes that affect companies beyond processes.

The company offers a portfolio of technological and methodological skills with experience in environments such as AI, data and intelligence, digital experience, devops, cloud, cybersecurity, smart software labs, IT procurement, business solutions, blockchain, project and IT governance consulting and other technologies.

It has offices across Europe, America and AfricaIn addition to projects in 50 countries. The work teams currently consist of more than 800 specialists.

It joined the alternative equity market in November 2019 and has been included in the MAB 15 index since April 2020.

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