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Iván Duque announces that the Army will continue patrolling Bogotá

November 23, 2019


The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has backed the “general curfew” imposed in Bogotá after the protests and has announced that the Army will continue patrolling the capital along with the Police.

“We also have the continuation of the joint patrolling of the police and the Army (…). This patrolling is necessary, but it has also been given to give citizens peace of mind and presence,” Duque announced in public appearance collected in his account from Twitter

Iván Duque announces that the Army will continue patrolling BogotáIván Duque announces that the Army will continue patrolling Bogotá

Duque has explained that he was able to visit several police officers injured in Bogotá and has transferred “in the name of all Colombians their gratitude, our admiration, our respect.” “They defend the institutional order, they defend democracy, they defend the constitution and the law, they defend the honor and life of the citizens … Many of them have been brutally assaulted by vandals, criminals and terrorists,” he said. .

He has also criticized the statements “biased and politicians who are trying to imply that it is the public force that promotes vandalism.” “On the contrary. It is the Colombian public force that confronts these criminals,” he argued.

Duque has taken the opportunity to condemn the “wild” attack in which three policemen have died due to the explosion of a truck bomb in front of the police station in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, in the north of the Colombian department of Cauca. “We are going to face the violent ones with forcefulness”, he has riveted.

“We also see there the criminal hands of organized armed groups that have tried to fish in troubled waters,” explained Duque, who has revealed that he has ordered the defense minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, to move “immediately” to the municipality to carry out A safety tip.