It’s Friday! 6 reasons to leave the office early

Leaving the office on time is much more than a whim or an act of rebellion: it is a premise for our physical and emotional well-being.

Start a new day. As soon as we arrived at the office, we decided “today I will leave work on time”. But as the day progresses the earrings accumulate; the dreaded pumpkins arise and the purpose of going home early becomes increasingly unattainable. Well, this happens practically every day.

Leaving the office on time is much more than a whim or an act of rebellion: it is a premise for our physical and emotional well-being, and even if it does not seem so, also for the benefit of our own work.

It’s Friday! 6 reasons to leave the office early
It’s Friday! 6 reasons to leave the office early

But how can we leave at our time if there are so many to do? Of course, this is a decision that you must make depending on your degree of responsibility in a project or the importance of the tasks to be performed. However, it is also important that you consider that the work never ends: there will always be emails to answer, papers to sign, accounts to do … that is where our organizational capacity and prioritization must come in.

These are some compelling reasons to leave on time for work. Can you think of others?

Greater rest And therefore, greater productivity. Working more than 8 hours a day translates into physical and emotional wear and tear, sooner or later, is reflected in the work. Having enough time to do and think about things not related to work is essential to recharge energy and have mental clarity.

Time to exercise. Think about it like this: you spend more than 8 hours a day sitting, without moving a single muscle, five days a week. This translates into more than 40 hours a week of inactivity … of course, assuming you leave the office on time. If you don't want to become a sack of diseases and discomforts, you need to incorporate an exercise routine into your life. Your body, your mind and your employment will thank you!

Time to cook Do you have time to watch over your diet? How much importance do you give to what you carry in your mouth? If you leave the office late daily, chances are you don't have time (or desire) to prepare your own food … and you end up “feeding” with whatever is put in front of you. On the contrary, if you leave on time for work, you will have enough time to prepare something nutritious and tasty.

Social life. Like resting, exercising and eating well, socializing is one of the most important activities for every human being. Imagine leaving every day at 8 pm in the office, with a headache and the sole purpose of going to bed. Where are the cafes with friends, family visits and romantic dates? A life without socializing time is a sterile life. Do not let this happen to you!

Set limits. Many leaders and employees believe that working late will make them look good with their partners or bosses. But most of the time the opposite happens: people who dedicate their lives to employment show that they do not value their private life, and therefore, that they are willing to allow others to trample on them. Do you think that leaves a good impression of you?

Learn to manage your time. How many times have you not wasted your time procrastinating and, at the end of the day, are you in a hurry without being able to finish your earrings? Propose to leave on time is a way to force you to organize your task s to be more efficient. This will be noticed not only in your newly acquired free time, but also in the quality of your work.

Now, will you leave that bad habit of spending overtime in the office?

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