It’s for women: The competitive advantages of companies run by women

In information published by Inmujeres, data from the National Occupation and Employment Survey, ENOE 2019It should be noted that only 2% of women employed in the labor market are employers. In absolute terms, this means that 2.1 million men are employers, but only 526,000 women, ie only one fifth of the corporate sector.

In contrast, a report published by Intercontinental University found that in Mexico, out of ten men who set up a business, eight are women, and out of five open SMEs, three are run by women. In addition, the number of failed businesses run by women is 14% lower than that of men. However, many inequality issues remain challenging for both sexes.

It’s for women: The competitive advantages of companies run by women
It’s for women: The competitive advantages of companies run by women

On the path to empowerment, these have been some of the aspects women have had to work on to break work stereotypes and the so-called glass ceiling that, as they have been clarified, have revealed the secret of female business success and how business women are.

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They don’t think like men

What women define as business success is far removed from the assessment of men. They focus more on the business, which offers advantages that are economically viable from the first moment, while the women use their efforts for more social purposes and in addition make money, which they consider to be a secondary aspect.

One gap in female talent lies in the fact that they do not attempt to market a product or service without first conducting a planned and thorough research into the project. “We don’t risk the same way men do, we’re more conservative, we build step by step, we like to share it with other people to solidify the idea, and we don’t start until we’ve met all the requirements,” explains Ana Victoria García, Mexican businesswoman and founder of the Victoria147 Women’s Business Academy.

“On the contrary, men risk more, they jump into the ring much earlier and if the project doesn’t go well, they have the opportunity to recover more quickly and start a new one and try another company. Here we women have to build ourselves further, to prepare ourselves, but also to consider ourselves capable and to use our ability to be resilient. ”

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Believe in us


There are people who think that women are more likely to feel insecure in the face of criticism, but this is more of a prejudice than a reality. One of the biggest challenges is overcoming these prejudices in order to become assertive and confident. In order to achieve this, it is important to remember the successes daily and to avoid overvaluing our own work. Here are some of the tips that can help you keep believing in yourself:

1. Time heals all wounds
That statement is a cliché, but it’s true. Time gives people the perspective they need to deal with difficulties, whether it is physical scars or personal struggles. At some point you start to see failure as my friend.

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2. Anything worth accomplishing may take longer than expected.
Pride and gratitude develop over time. Learning to be patient, move on, and try not to be discouraged by the time it takes to get things done could be the key to success.

3. I can understand everything
The powers of observation are second to none and there is nothing that one cannot learn through self-study. It can’t always end with 100% results, but it can come close. With that belief comes the strength to try new things all my life.

Together we are stronger


We have to consider something very positive: according to the study, women’s response rates to entrepreneurship are 35% higher than men’s Women in technology from the Kauffman Foundation. This rise in female entrepreneurship had a clear consequence: the need to meet, share, and learn from other female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. As a result, various network networks for working and entrepreneurial women have been established in recent years. Membership in a network increases members’ trust, inspiration, support, advice, and even access to potential funding.

And why were so many female network networks created? They’re the answer to a reality: Harvard researchers have shown that there is a tendency among investors to favor male entrepreneurs over female entrepreneurs. Startups founded by women receive only 5% of venture capital funding …

The above data is backed up by the fact that there is a shortage of women working in the venture capital sector. For example, only 7% of the partners in the world’s 100 largest investment firms are women. Amazing when you consider the female ability to visualize significant positive or negative traits both in the projects and in their drivers.

Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, so interacting with other women who are or understand can affect the success of a business.

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