Italy tops 100,000 coronavirus deaths

Italian health officials reported this Monday that the death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 100,000 after the 318 deaths in the past 24 hours.

In total, the pandemic has caused the deaths of 100,103 people as well as 3,081,388 accumulated cases after 13,902 cases registered this Monday. This is evident from the health portfolio balance reported by the Adnkronos news agency.

Italy tops 100,000 coronavirus deaths
Italy tops 100,000 coronavirus deaths

The Italian government has recognized that the epidemiological situation is worsening day by day, but has given assurances that “it will do its part”. This has been declared by the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who is sticking to the acceleration of the vaccination schedule in order to find “a way out” of this situation.

In a recording on Women’s Day, Draghi thanked Italian society for its “patience” over the past year, stating that in the face of this “new deterioration in the health emergency, everyone must do their part to contain the spread,” especially the government. “

“The pandemic is not yet over, but with the vaccination schedule accelerating, we can see an exit not too distant. I thank the citizens for their discipline and endless patience, especially those who are also suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic.” he confirmed Draghi.

“We never thought that a year later we would face a similar emergency and that the official number of victims would have reached the horrific threshold of 100,000 deaths,” he complained.

On the other hand, the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has announced that Italy could start manufacturing the Russian vaccine Sputnik V in July, having previously reached an agreement with Adienne Pharma Biotech that will batch produce around ten million doses per year was established the end of the year.

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