Italy suffers a rebound from those killed by the corona virus after 474 deaths have been confirmed within 24 hours

Italian civil defense has reported 474 new coronavirus deaths this Saturday, and has been at 28,710 since the epidemic began, cutting off the downward trend in deaths in recent days.

In some cases, there are 1,900 new positives to add 209,328 confirmed coronavirus-infected patients, while there are 79,914 layoffs, according to the official bulletin released on Saturday afternoon. In addition, 17,357 hospitalized patients with symptoms were collected, 1,539 of them in the intensive care unit.

By region, Lombardy remains the most affected with 77,002 cases and 14,189 deaths, followed by Emilia-Romagna with 25,850 and 3,614 deaths, and Piedmont with 27,179 cases and 3,126 deaths.

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