Italy opens antitrust investigation against Amazon and Apple

The authorities searched both companies’ Italian offices earlier this week.

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Italy opens antitrust investigation against Amazon and Apple
Italy opens antitrust investigation against Amazon and Apple

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Amazon and Apple are more accused Antitrust law. Report this time ReutersItaly is investigating because its authorities want to know whether the two companies have agreed to prevent retailers that are not part of Apple’s official program from selling Apple products and Beats headphones.

The authorities launched the investigation this week and raided Amazon and Apple’s Italian offices on Tuesday. In a statement to Engadget, an Amazon spokesman said the company was “fully working with the authorities”.

This is certainly not the first time that officials have expressed concerns about corporate business practices. In the U.S., Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are facing a federal antitrust investigation, and the company’s CEOs are expected to testify on July 27. For their part, Apple Pay and the App Store are facing an antitrust investigation in the European Union, and the EU is reportedly planning to charge cartel fees for the seller’s data against Amazon.

Amazon and Apple are not alone. He Wall Street Journal He reported that Google is likely to face antitrust litigation later this year and Facebook will be investigated in both the UK and US. At least in the United States, this is part of a larger power struggle between big technology and the government.

Engadget Apple asked for a comment.

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