It worked for Steve Jobs: Why Spirituality Is Critical to Business Success

Steve JobsAs a longtime co-founder and CEO of Apple, he is best known as an inventor, innovator, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, but he also had a strong and deep spiritual life.

After taking a break from business life in 1974 to tour India and seek spiritual enlightenment, Jobs adopted a lifelong Buddhist practice and strict vegetarian diet.

It worked for Steve Jobs: Why Spirituality Is Critical to Business Success
It worked for Steve Jobs: Why Spirituality Is Critical to Business Success

If spirituality has played such an important role in the life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs, why aren’t more business leaders openly and loudly promoting the benefits of daily spiritual practice?

Many may hesitate to talk about the connection because they believe that spirituality and entrepreneurship are mutually exclusive.

To connect the dots, here are five ways how super-spiritual can grow your business:

1. Set your intent

When you are clear about the intent of your business, the universe shows its infinite power to organize and direct things to aid in achieving your goals.

Deepak Chopra advises making a wish-list, then “releasing that wish-list and bringing it into the lap of creation, trusting that there is a reason when things don’t seem to be going according to me, and that the cosmic plan has plans “. because I am much bigger than the one I fathered. “

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Being spiritual shows that true success is adding value to the lives of the people we work with and the customers our company serves.

2. Observe your thoughts

When you “vibrate” and express gratitude for your company, you will receive gifts of equal or greater value. Think of your feelings and thoughts as boomerangs, accumulating speed and energy on their way back. The great bestseller, Think and get rich by Napoleon Hill, explains this concept and how we can create the “Law of Success” by carefully choosing our thoughts and what we pay attention to. “Everything that the mind can grasp and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Being spiritual shows that true success depends on enhancing the lives of the people we work with / Image: Darius Bashar via Unsplash

3. Request for signs

If you are on an entrepreneurial journey, you likely have “signs” (also known as small nudges from the universe) that have led you to explore and manifest your ideas. Now that you’ve started your business, it’s even more important to listen to the messages and impulses that come from your soul. Let that be your GPS. Question your soul and the universe and ask about inevitable signs. For example, you can ask to see a penguin within the next 48 hours to make sure you are on the right track. Pam Grout’s best-selling book, E square, has nine DIY energy experiments that prove that your thoughts create your reality.

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4. Lead with your soul

Another important lesson in spirituality is self-knowledge. Being an exceptional leader requires you to be fully present and aware of yourself – your motives, your goals, and your expectations.

Weekly mediation helps you build a deep spiritual connection with yourself, increase your self-esteem and refine an inspiring leadership style. Spirituality supports humility and constant openness to the myriad of learning opportunities that accompany entrepreneurship.

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