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It is soon the Mexican Uber that does not charge its drivers any commissions

June 8, 2020

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The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

It is soon the Mexican Uber that does not charge its drivers any commissionsIt is soon the Mexican Uber that does not charge its drivers any commissions

You are family and partner;; and also good friends since they were kids. The three always talked about Uber: “We can do the same business. Because it’s surprising that they take 33% commission off the driver for every service. “

Gabriel Cano, Nydia Cano and Miguel Martínez Cano have traveled a lot to other countries. You also know Mexico very well; and you noticed that people are very angry right now because there is a very large inequality in the world.

You remember hearing conversations from some authorities saying: estas These transnational companies come to Mexico and offer work, but the reality is that it’s not such a fair job. But many say yes because there are no more options. “

Gabriel, Nydia and Miguel already had a small mobile app studio, but had very few downloads (less than 100). But they went on with the idea of ​​generating this Mexican Uber. They had never been identified until one day they said, “We need to pilot 25 vehicles in Tlaxcala.” The two key words in his head were: fair independence.

A mobility application called Pronto was born in November 2017 It was downloaded by more than 12,000 users in less than three months. The big difference is that no driver commissions are charged for the journeys made. Instead, they access a monthly subscription that ranges from 599 to 1,599 pesos, depending on the driver’s billing.

“Now, with Pronto, we can guarantee drivers that they won’t pay commissions that ultimately leave the country,” said Nydia Cano, co-founder of Pronto, in an interview for s in Spanish.

Soon has more than 218,000 users and more than 2.2 million trips. It operates in 22 cities in seven states: Nuevo León, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Zacatecas, Jalisco, Yucatán and Nayarit. They started in the same places Soon through the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. This enables drivers to perform all types of shipments, from paper to a ton, with fast service and at a good price.

“In order to combat the corona virus, we temporarily subsidize the monthly subscription to the drivers. and we adapt by calculating them as needed. This amount will not exceed the amount regularly paid. We also created a blog to reliably inform drivers and users about the Covid-19, ”explains the entrepreneur.

Gabriel Cano, Nydia Cano and Miguel Martínez Cano / Images: Courtesy of Soon

The best advice and your greatest challenge

The entrepreneurs of They also spoke to insurers and told them that in the business model in which they pay commissions, drivers have to work behind the wheel for so many hours that an accident happens at some point or they become very tired.

So the best business lesson of the Pronto co-founders for the moment the country lives is not to be so capitalist. and create a business model that is not hypocritical but actually does something good for society.

“With our application, drivers can manage their time at will and have full control over their income. With Pronto you can earn more money and work less. We do not accept commissions for any service like other well-known platforms. “

When Miguel, Gabriel and Nydia jumped into creating this mobility app, many people told them they were super crazy. Although they didn’t care and decided to try their project in a small town because they thought, “If it works there, the place that comes will be much better.”

In 2018, they participated in two acceleration programs that helped them develop and grow much more visions in 22 cities: “Y combiner” and MassChallenge Mexico, two of the most important accelerators in the world.

Their biggest challenge was poor communication with local governments. Nydia tells us that they first threw grenadiers into cities. “We long for something and dream a lot about working together with the state mobility authorities. With the use of technology, we could do many things together. “

What these entrepreneurs are looking for is the official integration of their platform into the transport sector of every state. “We managed to offer extremely safe service thanks to protocols and filters for driver input. We carry out toxicological tests and have dashboard cameras in cars. which practically does not exist in the country with any other platform ”.

Miguel’s background is technological, Gabriel was a businessman in the construction industry and Nydia worked at Sedesol to develop social problems. This experience helped them combine Pronto’s sustainable business model, which provides 70 people with permanent employment. Now they are in the investment round and prefer to keep their billing private.

Team Soon / Images: Courtesy of Soon