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It is now possible to rent without guarantee deposit with Homie

January 30, 2020

The intermediary platform between landlords and tenants will offer this option as of February 1.

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It is now possible to rent without guarantee deposit with HomieIt is now possible to rent without guarantee deposit with Homie

Jordi Greenham , CEO and founder of Homie , announced on Wednesday that through his platform you can already rent an apartment without the need for a security deposit from February 1 of this year.

With this initiative, new clients will only have to pay the first month of current income, but for this they must comply with a good credit profile and register a credit or debit card to which charges can be made in case of property damage.

“The goal of the company is to have a positive impact on the liquidity of tenants who start a new lease,” says Greenham

In 2016, the disruptive startup managed to eliminate the guarantor or guarantee that is needed for income. And from the year of its foundation to date they have registered more than four thousand rents of which they have only evicted 20 tenants for non-compliance. This means less than 1% of landlords.

“Through our platform we have managed to deny the belief of these guarantees,” says Greenham.

The CEO of the intermediary firm also announced that as of January of this year they have a ticketing system for maintenance or damage of the property for rent. Which allows to report any damage or failure in the property to be repaired quickly and efficiently.

Homie currently has a portfolio with more than two thousand places to rent in Mexico and its plans for this 2020 is to increase its portfolio to 15 thousand properties, which would position them as leaders of the country's rental housing.

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