It is not impossible! How to have a social life as an entrepreneur

Follow these tips to set aside time for your family and friends, and most importantly, for yourself.

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No one looks back on his life and thinks he should have spent more time working. Most people, seeing their past, notice that they have dedicated their lives to working for someone else.

It is not impossible! How to have a social life as an entrepreneur
It is not impossible! How to have a social life as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are not one of those types of people. You are choosing to put your efforts and talents into a project that you created; you are bringing ideas to life that thrill your mind and heart. And is that entrepreneurship is not a traditional job; however, as in everything, you must set aside time to have a social life.

If the amount of work is an impediment, we share some keys to find time in your schedule to have fun with your friends and family. You deserve it!

Set a date

Set aside time for your family, your friends, your community, your partner and, most importantly, for yourself. If your business ideas are related to your personal passions, that's great. But anyway you must separate periods to socialize. You owe it to yourself, the people around you, and even your business.

Get out of your comfort zone

It's easier to separate your work life from your personal life when you have a job. At the end of the workday you can go to a bar, chat with friends, watch a game, or whatever interests you. But when you work for yourself it is very different: no switch “off”.

However, even if you can't turn it off completely, you should find a way to at least put it in a “sleep” state. After all, having time away from business can help revitalize you personally and professionally.

Consider the example of a professional basketball player practicing shots. Maybe taking an extra hour a day to do it will help you get better. But over-practicing can also involve training when you're very tired and not focused at all. In the same way, overworking can be counterproductive. If you work when you are very stressed, fatigued or deconcentrated, you will probably make mistakes that affect your business.

stay in contact

Do you constantly cancel plans to work in your business? If you do, the people around you are clearly upset and resentful. And is that many do not know what it is to be an entrepreneur; Some do not appreciate the initial sacrifices, financial insecurity, and anxiety and fear that a new venture can bring. But don't be mad; Better, make an effort to express your position and understand theirs.

Make time to fulfill your personal commitments. You could also start dating more entrepreneurs who share your vision and lifestyle. That's fine, but don't forget your old friends and where you come from.

Commit yourself

Finding time to date can be very frustrating for entrepreneurs. You can't get involved in a new relationship the way you want, or if you already have a partner, you will likely feel ignored for all the time you spend at work. Once again, the key is in open communication.

Let people know you care and set aside time for them. Schedule your personal life with the same importance as your working life. Remember that in the end it is just as valuable!

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