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“It is a matter of time for Tether to take Ether off the market second.”

June 5, 2020

A report from Bloomberg This provides an outlook on the cryptocurrency market for June Expects Tether (USDT) to outperform the Ethereum (ETH) in market capitalization.

Report points for Tether’s market capitalization growth as one of the main factors for the valuation of Bitcoin (BTC):

“The interest in digital connections to the dollar represents the need to save in the world reserve currency without intermediaries.”

Ether in the shadow of Bitcoin

The stablecoin recently outperformed Ripple (XRP) as third cryptocurrency by market cap. Bloomberg says he won’t stop there, but march directly past ether Secondly:

“In the absence of an unlikely reversal of the prevailing trends, it should be a matter of time before Tether passes Ethereum to take second place behind Bitcoin in total assets.” Given the widespread introduction of a viable case as a proxy for the global reserve currency, little seems to be done to stop the increasing introduction of this stable dollar-linked currency. “”

“It is a matter of time for Tether to take Ether off the market second.”“It is a matter of time for Tether to take Ether off the market second.”

At the same time, The report claims that Ether lives in the shadow of Bitcoin and it doesn’t have its own buoyancy:

“We hardly see an ETH price advantage in the rising wave of Bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency is drifting away with adoption and is supported by almost ideal macroeconomic conditions for value reserves as part of quantitative easing. “

With the dollar on his shoulders

In spite of huge US stimulus package UU, eThe dollar continues to appreciate against other major currencies. Stable coins like Tether, which offer access to the dollar, they also gain momentum, according to the message.

Ether move with the dollar

Tether moves with the dollar. Source: Bloomberg

So much Bitfinex and Tether have recently been affected by legal issues You could pose a real challenge to your future success.