Israel’s leading rabbis are against the possibility of a change of government

Israel’s leading rabbis published an open letter late Saturday calling on their supporters to do “everything possible” to prevent a possible change of government in Israel, while denying that the call was inciting violence in the most conservative sectors of the world The country’s director of the country’s National Security Service, the Shin Bet, had recently calculated.

The signatories, including prominent religious leaders such as Chaim Druckman, Shlomo Aviner and Shmuel Eliyahu, point out that “the reality, which has been accepted since the inception of an Israeli government that could damage the most fundamental questions of religion and state, cannot be accepted.” State of Israel and to this day by all Israeli governments. “

This demand comes at a time when the possibility of a new government made up of leaders of the right-wing Yamina movement and the center party Yesh Atid, for whom Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid would become the next two, is becoming ever more concrete and would be the end of Israel’s minister mark the era of Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative Likud party.

Israel’s leading rabbis are against the possibility of a change of government
Israel’s leading rabbis are against the possibility of a change of government

“There is no doubt,” the rabbis continue, “that this government will also harm security issues that affect our very existence, as it relies on supporters of terrorism and includes ministers calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate the army into war crimes . “

Mention is made here of old observations by members of the United Arab List (or Ra’am) and the leader of Meretz, Nitzan Horowitz, who are both part of the possible new governing coalition.

“This government is completely against the will of the people, as is directly reflected in the last elections. We must do everything we can to prevent this government from being formed, ”concludes the letter collected by the Times of Israel and later nuanced by Rabbi Druckman to remove any shadow of provocation.

“There is no incitement to violence here. It is inconceivable that this can be interpreted as a call to physical or verbal violence. We are only calling for the use of democratic means,” he said.

The rabbi responded to the advice of the head of the Shin Bet, Nadav Argaman, who warned this weekend of a possible increase in hate speech and hate speech on social networks and the risk of political violence.

“We have recently seen a serious increase and radicalization of violent and inflammatory speeches, especially on social media. This speech may be interpreted by certain groups or individuals as permitting violent and illegal activities and even causing harm. “he warned.

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