Israel rejects Egypt’s mediation to secure a ceasefire in Gaza

Israel this Friday refused to accept Egypt’s mediation to reach a ceasefire with Gaza. After that, the Egyptian delegation that had moved to Tel Aviv left the country, as reported by the Al Arabiya television station.

With this refusal to mediate Cairo, Israel rejected Egypt’s proposal, which consisted of a one-year ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

According to the sources to which Al Arabiya had access, Egypt has also recommended that Israel cease its military operation against Gaza, as well as stop settlements and evictions, and give aid to those who stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Israel rejects Egypt’s mediation to secure a ceasefire in Gaza
Israel rejects Egypt’s mediation to secure a ceasefire in Gaza

He has also called on him to stop the assassination of Hamas leaders in Gaza, emphasize his ability to coerce the Palestinian parties into compliance and warn him against continuing the military operation.

The Egyptian delegation has indicated that Tel Aviv has refused any mediation or ceasefire if the Hamas military wing is not eliminated. According to the media mentioned above, the visit by Egyptian officials revealed that the seriously injured from Gaza are being brought to Cairo for treatment.

An Egyptian delegation traveled first to Gaza and then to Tel Aviv, a city they arrived in this Thursday, with the aim of not only getting the parties to agree to a ceasefire, but also, according to a security source quoted by the DPA news agency to discuss with Israel a possible moratorium on the eviction of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrá neighborhood in Jerusalem.

It is not the first time that Egypt took on the role of mediator in a crisis between Palestinians and Israelis in 2014, when the Israeli authorities launched Operation Protective Edge, which left more than 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and some 70 Israelis, mainly military, perished. This conflict ended precisely with a ceasefire agreement that was agreed with the mediation of Egypt.

The international community continues to call for tensions to be reduced, which is why the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has called for an “immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza and Israel”.

“Out of respect for the spirit of oath,” Guterres has “demanded immediate outrage”, denouncing that “too many innocent civilians have already died” and lamented that “this conflict can only exacerbate radicalization and extremism across the region” .

The new clashes broke out after heightened tensions in Jerusalem, which have escalated over the past few days as a result of eviction orders from Palestinian families in the Sheikh Kharra neighborhood of East Jerusalem to protest the repression by Israeli security forces. that injured hundreds of Palestinians.

So far, the attacks have killed 109 Palestinians in the strip and seven people in Israel, including an Indian citizen.

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