Israel regards the demolition of the tower as “legitimate” by means that are necessary in order to be militarily “effective”

The Israeli ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordon, has justified the demolition of the Al Jalaa tower in the Gaza Strip, which housed the offices of the Associated Press Agency and the Al Jazeera chain. legitimate “target because it housed Hamas offices and therefore had to be demolished in order to be militarily” effective “.

At a meeting with journalists, the ambassador assured that the tower housed a Hamas intelligence center, which “has allowed the media to be in the same building”. Hence, it is a “legitimate” goal: “In order to be effective from a military point of view, the building must be demolished.”

Radian-Gordon stressed that the Israel Defense Forces are “very surgical” and that in cases like the Al Jalaa Tower, the impending attack is announced in advance “so as not to cause harm to people who are not involved”. However, he also assumed that such pictorial scenes could harm Israel.

Israel regards the demolition of the tower as “legitimate” by means that are necessary in order to be militarily “effective”
Israel regards the demolition of the tower as “legitimate” by means that are necessary in order to be militarily “effective”

“We understand the damage to the image that this causes very well, but if you fight to protect your citizens in the hope of achieving long-term peace, it also destroys buildings,” said the ambassador, who recognized that certain situations are not always understood internationally.

With that in mind, he stated that there are situations where the Israeli army may come out “too late” with the evidence to justify certain military actions and has predicted that once everything is released, the global vision will be “very different” is.

He has also assumed that “it is very difficult to fight against photos that are very strong,” despite blaming Hamas for the large number of victims that the crossing of attacks in the Gaza Strip leaves behind. “Hamas has deliberately built its infrastructures on top of civilian infrastructures,” he added.

Regarding the civilian casualties in the Strip, and especially those of children, he has questioned the circumstances surrounding their deaths, ensuring that between 20 and 30 percent of the projectiles fired by Palestinian militias fall in the Gaza Strip and therefore do not make it into Israel territory.

Radian-Gordon has acknowledged that the bombings by the Israel Defense Forces also caused civilian deaths – “and it is a great shame” – but stressed that “there are no parallels” between the two sides and that it is Hamas with “human shields”.

The Israeli diplomatic representative in Spain has stressed that Israel “did not want” this escalation of violence and tried “until the last moment” to calm things down. He has ruled out any negotiations with Hamas and has avoided evaluating the approaches of international actors to mediate the conflict, which will continue without a break for the time being.

Still waiting for the offensive to last “a few more days,” Radian-Gordon seeks, in his own words, “a long period of calm” for citizens on both sides of the border, both Israelis and Gazans.

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