Israel hits 40 targets with 120 bombings on the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army says it killed 10 members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad

According to the media, at least four dead, including a journalist, have been killed in recent attacks by Israeli attacks in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported that they attacked several Islamic Resistance (Hamas) targets in the Gaza Strip last night and dropped 122 bombs into the group’s network of tunnels, while at least four deaths occurred in the enclave early this morning Attacks reported.

Israel hits 40 targets with 120 bombings on the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip
Israel hits 40 targets with 120 bombings on the Hamas tunnel network in the Gaza Strip

“The planes continued to attack in the Khan Younis and Rafah areas of the southern Gaza Strip tonight. Around 40 underground targets of the terrorist organization Hamas were hit in a 25-minute attack,” he told Heer.

IDF General Spokesman Hedi Zilberman has indicated that he continues to attack by geographic area to do so “selectively and rigorously” as operations on Tuesday evening and early Wednesday focused on the cities of Khan Younis and Rafah “From Where From.” most of the missiles were fired in southern Israel. “

In these attacks on the Hamas network of tunnels in Gaza, popularly known as the “Metro”, Israel hit command and control systems, a weapons depot in the offices of the group’s internal security center in Jan Yunis, rocket launchers, military According to the IDF posts and terrorist infrastructures are located in the commandant’s houses.

The Israeli army has alleged that other targets in the Gaza Strip operated by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization were also attacked, including a rocket launcher, an emergency dwelling used by the organization’s rocket assembly, and a role-playing game that fired rockets during the operation of the Wall Guard.

“This morning an estimated 10 Hamas and Islamic jihadists were killed overnight as a result of the attacks we carried out,” added the IDF spokesman, who made an estimated 50 take-offs from the Strip against Israel last night.

On the other hand, Zilberman confirmed on Wednesday that the army had tried twice to eliminate the commander of the Ezeldin al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, Mohamed Deif, although he survived. Regarding the failed attempt to reach Deif, sources close to Hamas have stated that it was not a “target of the assassination” but rather information “intended for the purpose of psychological warfare,” the Israeli media reported. ” Yedioth “. .

As part of the attacks early this Wednesday morning, four Palestinians were reported dead in a series of attacks in different areas of Gaza, including journalist Yusef Abu Hussein, the Palestinian agency WAFA reports.

The same media reported that the journalist was the victim of a rocket attack on a house near Sheikh Radwan Cemetery, north of Gaza City, while other injured people were hospitalized.

In addition, a house on Al Shuhada Street, also in Gaza City, was reached this morning where at least three civilians were killed and three others were injured, the official Palestinian agency WAFA reports.

On the other hand, early this Wednesday morning the Palestinian media reported on Israeli attacks that also targeted a residential building, the car market in Zeitun district and near the Karamé towers in Gaza City, which severely damaged homes.

Attacks have also been reported in Jabalya, Khan Younis, Rafa – where the headquarters of a non-profit organization would have been reached – or in the Al Maghazi region.

According to the Palestinian agency Maan, an Israeli plane bombed a residential building on Al Saftawi Street north of Gaza City and another destroyed the Al Muntada building east of Khan Younis.

On the other hand, Hamas has claimed to have fired rockets at six Israeli air force bases on Tuesday evening.

Hamas has indicated that the bases are Hatzor, Hatzerim, Nevatim, Tel Nof, Palmachim and Ramon.

In the meantime, the anti-aircraft sirens sounded in southern Israel on Wednesday morning, although warnings were triggered early in the morning in Sderot, Ashdod and Rehovot, among others.

“Absence of international liability”

As the conflict continues with further attacks on the tenth day since the conflict escalated, Palestinian UN Ambassador Ryad Mansour has denounced that the Security Council has not yet issued a solution to the situation.

Mansour has lamented that Israel, “the occupying power,” “is committing war crimes, violating all human rights, causing widespread death, injury and brutal destruction, with no international responsibility,” WAFA notes.

It has therefore underlined the need to take immediate action to protect the “defenseless” people in “the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and particularly now in the besieged Gaza Strip”.

The Security Council held its fourth meeting on Tuesday to discuss the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories. According to diplomatic sources involved in The Times of Israel meeting, this session would have ended with no result.

The session convened by Norway, China and Tunisia took place behind closed doors, and after the previous session, the third, the United States again blocked a joint statement calling for a ceasefire by both parties.

At least 218 people have died, including 63 minors, and another 1,500 have been injured in the Israeli bombings against Gaza since May 10. This is evident from the latest balance presented by the authorities to the Palestinian enclave.

On the Israeli side, we must add the deaths of twelve people in Israel from projectiles firing from the Strip and of more than 20 Palestinians in the West Bank as part of the repression of recent mobilizations condemning the offensive in Gaza and the events in Jerusalem.

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