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Israel frustrates an Iranian attack on its territory by bombing targets in Syria

August 25, 2019


The Israeli Army has confirmed on Saturday that it has attacked several targets in the village of Aqrabah, south of Damascus, to thwart an attack by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran against northern Israel.

“We have just prevented a large-scale attack of multiple unmanned aerial combat vehicles on Israel by attacking targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the Shiite militia in Syria,” the Israeli Army reported through the social network Twitter.

“In an important operational effort. We have thwarted an attack against Israel by the Iranian Quds force and the Shiite militias,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has collected the local newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post'.

“I repeat: Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces are operating in all directions against Iranian aggression. We will continue to fight against Iran with determination for Israel's security,” he added.

Israeli Army spokesman Ronen Manelis has warned that the Quds forces – the international branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – were planning to attack northern Israel last Thursday. “The Israeli Army is willing to continue the actions – both defensive and offensive – that are necessary against any plan to attack the state of Israel,” he added.

Previously, the official Syrian news agency, SANA, had reported that the Syrian Army's anti-aircraft defenses had repelled an attack on the capital, Damascus. “The air defense reaches hostile projectiles before they reach their targets,” the news agency said.

Syrian public television Ijbariya has also reported the attack and a correspondent for the Russian news agency Sputnik has reported several explosions around 23:20 local time.

The Israeli Army has carried out dozens of bombings in Syria arguing that it acts to prevent the establishment of Iranian bases in the country and the sending of weapons to the Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah by Iran.